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National Kokomo Day

Synesthesia is where your senses blend and you can see music or smell colors or hear your broccoli. Well I propose there be something called Nauseasthesia to describe the condition where whatever song is cycling through your head when you’re sick makes you feel like you’re going to puke. Or am I the only one? Whenever I get sick the illness tends to feature one song prominently. I’m sure I’ve written before about the Great Flu of 93 Starring Rush’s Big Money? It may have been 92 or 91 actually but there was an unfortunate rhyme. Anyway, earlier today “Kokomo,” which has been in my head since we talked about it yesterday in Canada (it was national Kokomo Day) was threatening to make me vomit (Ok fine, it wasn’t national Kokomo Day. We were talking about classic TV families on Switch and Full House came up and we talked about that episode with the Beach Boys. Actually one of my co-panelists mentioned the Beach Boys and that Full House episode in the green room and then when we were shooting she didn’t mention it so I said something like “Weren’t you saying how awesome it was that the show featured the Beach Boys?” or maybe I said preposterous instead of awesome or maybe I just turned to her wearing a lei and making a mai-tai as a way to jog her memory. Anyway, the point is that I’m kind and saintly, obviously) And the lights in this room certainly weren’t doing my wonders for my Island loathing gag reflex. I had to get to a cool dark Kokomo-less place, preferably not on Key Largo or Montego.

So I repaired to my boudoir, which I’ve never called a boudoir before and I’ve certainly never “repaired” to, and took a nap. Before falling asleep I had a vivid dream-but-I-wasn’t-yet-asleep where an interior decorator came to my living room (yes, I’m still thinking about this) and advised me to put a “chair with a sofa bed” in one corner and “a tablespoon” in the other.

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more 1 Things from the TONYblog


Yesterday I told you that tonight your 1 Thing was going to be a wine festival and I’d be a no-good liar if I changed my mind, now wouldn’t I? But then again in yesterday’s post I told you I was a horrendous liar, so I’d be a liar if I kept my word. I’m like a logic puzzle! If I had a twin who was standing in front of a door and behind one of us was the door to freedom and behind the other, Bob Barker, which would you choose, provided you were allowed to ask only one question but knowing that I only wear pants on days starting with T and my twin only wears pants on days starting with S and she has six hatboxes and only four hats, one of which has to be returned to Marta by 3pm on Sunday?

If you enjoyed that, you’re a masochist.

Wait, no, what I meant to say is that if you like games you’ll love our Games issue (available online tomorrow). I tried to do some of the puzzles last night before getting frustrated by the cryptic crossword, which is the caviar of crosswords I’ve been told, which is why I recommend putting it in the fridge for about four hours and then eating it with a dab of sour cream.

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