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Uh Oh I Skipped A Day

You guys my hot streak came to an end yesterday when I experienced an entire day without blogging even a once. Here’s the problem: a bunch of shit actually happened Monday night. I was enjoying this little niche I carved out for myself of blogging about nothing and mostly just remembering what it feels like to string words together in this way and then Elliot had what’s most likely an allergic reaction to the FUCKING BAMBAS MY GUT WAS TELLING ME NOT TO GIVE HIM and he became violently ill and we had to go to the emergency room and it was a whole scary thing. So naturally I can’t write about that because it’s actually interesting. I only write about stuff that isn’t interesting that no one cares to read about. It’s a poor choice but this is how it has to be.

In all seriousness I actually could write about it and probably will but I talk about it on the most recent episode of my podcast which will be coming out tonight.


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