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Understudies, Talk Therapy, Eight Cans of Spam


What’s the different between an understudy and a standby? Alison went to Book of Mormon ALONE and wants to know. Also, her therapist paid her a huge compliment that Daniel points out isn’t really a compliment and she had a weird encounter at the grocery store. Plus crafts versus art, turtle food, Hobby Lobby, some sad words at the top, messages from Jenna and #AL, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Lexi.

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  • Stephanie Turner Wilkinson

    Listening to your story of the spam and the bags made me laugh. I live in Iowa and no one would have thought one thing about handing a bag to someone. Never in my life would I have thought they other person was trying to find a way around being environmentally conscious or that the bag was worth a second thought. In any case it made me think how different the Midwest is from a more jaded California. People help each other here without much thought to it. Makes me glad to live here.

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