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Alison’s High Five Hate, Renee’s Puppetry, Giving a Horse a Nerd

Alison isn’t the high fiving kind, Renee dabbles in puppetry, David tried to time a fart and it went horribly, Jeff got the dogs barking, Daniel has secrets, David doesn’t like to be surprised by musicals, Renee doesn’t like to be surprised by churros, Alison might still be trapped in her new therapist’s courtyard building and so much more. Plus an audio message from Jenna and #AL, horses and candy, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Stevia.


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  • I really wish David’s involvement in the show could be a permanent thing. He’s so funny!
    As someone who has been tricked into seeing a musical I find that I really relate to him. Guys, sometimes going into a new movie “fresh,” as Frank Costanza would say, is not a good thing. A friend wanted me to see “La La Land” with him and two minutes in…let’s just say I was glad my movie theater served beer.

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