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Alison’s Alienating You, Jenna Digs Tiny Bundts, Daniel’s a Ragtime Cowboy

Daniel’s mom came to town allowing Alison and Daniel to get a tiny bit of sleep which you wouldn’t know from hearing this. Jenna wants her long-distance birthday Bundt. Daniel’s got strong opinions about cake and trash cans. Dave got in a car accident. Al’s scratching referred itches. Plus batteries, cowboy poets, Daniel’s song, CrossBaby and more.

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  • AndrewviaMR

    In T-minus 3 weeks you will remember days from college and think “I should have spent that time sleeping.”

  • Richard Long

    MIN1:32:10 ALISON ” I THINK I’M GOING INSANE ” when realizing she’s surrounded by people who really know about cowboy poets and she just heard it existed ~a rewind moment ~ LOL

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