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Jen Glantz

Writer and professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz stops by the show to talk about her new book Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire); Stories on Growing Up, Looking for Love and Walking Down the Aisle for Complete Strangers (out February 7), her thoughts on the wedding industry, the ad she placed on Craigslist offering her services that went viral and ultimately turned into her professional bridesmaid business Bridesmaid for Hire, her desire to help people, her path as a writer, letting her mom select dates for her on dating web sites, what she’s learned about marriage and love, relationships, feeling like an outcast, consulting for a sorority, growing up in Florida and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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  • Glenn Farnham

    Wow what a bubbly, positive, entertaining and engaging guest! And I’m saying all that after most of the subject matter discussed here revolved around wedding ceremonies (weddings, events that I normally detest and try to avoid attending).
    But I was pulled right in from the very start of this podcast, and couldn’t stop listening! So now my only dilemma is around thoughts as to whether I might secretly be gay, or if this was just one heck of a great intervju… Nothing against gays, but I’m hoping for the later.

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