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Mr. Privacy, Ghosting Nutritionists, Astral Projection



Daniel favors a closed-door bathroom policy. Alison and Jenna aren’t necessarily on board and special guest Dave Huntsberger wonders if bathroom privacy preference splits along gender lines. Meanwhile Jeff’s astrally projecting, Dave’s dreaming of airports, Al’s watching “What About You?” and Alison’s thisclose to breaking up with her nutritionist. Plus a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Renie.

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Here’s Renie:




  • AndrewviaMR

    Sam doesn’t quite trust that guy.

    The listening to music during homework, I’ve observed for myself, is an ADD thing. I recently figured out I can get more writing done if I’m actually watching movies. It works best re-watching and this is the crazy part, the more complicated what I’m writing is, the more the background noise helps. Do some experiments for yourself. Had I not noticed this in myself I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had suggested it.

    Another weird thing is that I listened to music constantly in college and looking back, it is probably what got me through. But now I think the music is too repetitive. I think maybe my brain needs the just disorganized enough, but not TOO disorganized (or unfamiliar) noise of rewatching movies or re-listening to podcasts. If I have to listen too closely that’s no good. If it is completely memorized, that’s no good either.

  • Tiny Rick

    I’m with Daniel, yes I am a Mr. Private S#@!

  • Mr. Jen

    Yes Yes Yes. Not just you. (to both: Sam and the music thing)

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