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Croissantroversy, Jurassic Parked and Jenna’s Cheerleading Journal



You may be under the impression we put the “how do you pronounce croissant” debate to bed. You’re wrong! Plus Alison visits a nutritionist, Jensen Karp gets stuck on the Jurassic Park ride and Jenna reads a journal entry from when she was a young cheerleader. Plus Daniel’s impression of a ventriloquist, Frasier, more Blue Man Group talk, Broadchurch, a rant on Pico de Gallo, #SnackChat involving treats from Croatia, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Akli.

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Here’s Akli:




  • NewBF

    Yeah – great job on approaching the food therapist with an open mind. I have the same push / pull relationship with healthy behavior. As soon as I create or am given a structure to follow regarding diet or exercise in particular, I start trying to say “F U” to the whole idea. So frustrating. It’s all a back and forth forever, but I do think it’s good to address this. On the Jensen note I have a huge issue with my fingernail length being uneven between hands, and I fully obsess over feeling for the “problem”

  • toomanybooks

    Great episode! The bit about what the baby would be like really got me. Does everyone in LA fear that their kid will turn out to be a sleazy showbiz baby???

    Very excited for upcoming Patreon releases! 🙂

  • AndrewviaMR

    I know this is asking a lot, but can you get Sam a wig?

  • Tiny Rick

    Great episode, Jensen fit in with the gang really well. Created a twitter account earlier just this week just to send a JMOE 🙂

  • Luka Horvat

    Wow. That was a great episode and I became so excited when a heard that you guys got some Croatian snacks. Me, being a Croat, I was very interested in what you guys thought of the snacks. O.K., to be honest Croatia is not really crazy about cola candy but it is good. Personally, I’m more of a mint guy, so hard mint candy is my jam. And so are Haribo gummy bears. … And about the sticks, I’m guessing those were “štapići”, something like pretzel sticks. They are a classic, it is one of the most common snacks. But there is something better, there are “štapići” filled with peanut butter. …BOOM!!! … I know, I blew your mind. They are everything.

    P.s. You said all the names correct, like Kiki and Bonko.

  • Rebecca Salter

    OK, as a speech/language pathologist, I enjoy all of your conversations about how to pronounce things. Lots of laughs. But I need to chime in re: this conversation. My specialty is “linguistic and cultural diversity.” Over the past 16 years, I’ve worked with families speaking approximately 60 different languages. So I am qualified to say, people’s names are their names. You pronounce them as the name owner does. For example, you would not pronounce Jesus in the anglicized way, right? That would be weird. It is respectful to learn to pronounce people’s names correctly. Jensen, Sweetie, show some tolerance for dialectical diversity, por favor.

    Example: I speak fluent Spanish and live in Albuquerque. I code switch between the languages and variations thereof. For good reason. I would not order a burrrrito. But I will say, “I am going to Pojoaque” and pronounce it “correctly”, meaning, in Spanish. Otherwise no one would know what I was talking about.

    OK, lecture over. Carry on. I love you all! Besos y abrazos all around.


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