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Cameron Esposito


Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife) stops by the show to talk about not feeling comfortable in her own skin growing up, being cross-eyed as a child and having multiple surgeries to correct her vision, shame associated with eye contact, being enamored of the hierarchy inherent in comedy, her transition from improv to stand up, coming out in college, her evolving feelings about Catholicism, the way lesbians are constantly “processing,” struggling to be in the moment, lists and goals, working with her wife Rhea Butcher on Seeso’s Take My Wife, the difference between what the church says about women and her experience being a woman and so much more. We also took listener questions and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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  • Allison

    I love Carmen Esposito, and her haircut! I first discovered her while listening to Jordan, Jesse Go. It’s interesting that she shares an agent with Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger). Colleen would be an excellent podcast guest!

  • AndrewviaMR

    People don’t tell straight white dudes to shut up? I know I know. I’m tired of it too. But this is THE question. How do we determine if someone is being targeted for heckling because of their traits, or if they are getting less scrutiny because they are in one of the protected classes?

    And I’ll never get that people think Hillary is some kind of social crusade. You need to talk to Scott Adams or someone who at least understands the anti-establishment tenor that is going to drive politics for 30 years. It’s always going to be easy to blame opposition to some minority on their minority status. But holy crap, it is the president and she is still favored to win!

  • AndrewviaMR

    Ooops, it was Duncan Trussell on Joe Rogan #828 starting at 1:24:00

    Short version, just like with police shooting videos is televising police behavior faster than police can adjust, as information access approaches infinity, all the structures based on collective suspension of disbelief are beginning to teeter at the same time that social media is making collective action much easier (but not much smarter).

  • Darkheart

    People get intense pleasure from hating Trump. Hillary doesn’t even enter the equation as far as your average prog is concerned.

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