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Gustavo Arellano

ARIYNBF Gustavo Arellano

I knew Gustavo way back when I was leaving the OC Weekly and he was starting there. He came out of nowhere it seemed and was suddenly writing a zillion articles a week which, I heard at the time, didn’t exactly endear him to the other writers. He went on to gain attention and notoriety with his now nationally syndicated “Ask a Mexican” column, author three books and become the editor-in-chief of the paper. He also regularly appears on radio programs and is a consulting producer on Fox’s animated Bordertown. We chatted about his beginnings and how he got to where he is today including growing up the son of “Mexican hillbillies,” not quite fitting in, falling in love with film and Pulp Fiction in particular, being a nerd, being repeatedly unaware of office politics, the satirical letter that changed his life, his relationship with former OC Weekly editor Will Swaim and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.


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  • Leeann Ward

    It’s ridiculous of me to doubt that I’ll love Alison’s interviews with people that I’m not familiar with. I should know this by now! Since I didn’t know of Gustavo, I thought I’d just casually listen to this interview this morning on my day off. Instead, the interview ended up being super fascinating and engaging! They both clearly enjoyed talking with each other (not to mention how fun it is to hear a guest be so complimentary of Alison!) and Gustov was super interesting. I think there should be a Part II to this interview, because I feel like there’s a lot more that could be covered.

  • Mr. Jen

    Mmm… Cream of goat. Oh wait. I would like to rescind that comment.

  • Richard Long

    I agree with leeann ward ! why didn’t you keep recording ? put part two out on Saturday bonus !did people have stuff they HAD to get to ? YOU are the captain of your ship ! I cant wait for your interview of your garbageman I bet you can make it interesting !! all love.

  • Omg I love this photo. ♡ you two bastards. Can’t wait to listen to this.

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