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What Does Getting Kicked In The Nuts Feel Like?

And by the way, this is only one of two awesome nut-related videos we shot.

  • Tedtastic

    One of my dog’s is a unitesti, so that would be weird to say you got kicked in the nut!

    On the flip side, what it’s like to get punched in the boobs!?!?!?! LOL

  • Toddrod

    Wait? Was this a vlog of something you’ve never done, because Dustin did not describe what it’s like getting kicked or punched in the nuts AT ALL! He did mention it has been awhile since it’s happened to him, but damn, how do you forget?!? Dustin, all you need to do is smack your nuts with your own hand just a little to be reminded what it is like to get punched in the nuts. It HURTS THE NUTS!!! The other stuff is true too, but the pain does spread to your abdomen, but your NUTS will be in a huge amount of pain. Also, boxers wear cups in the ring. In fact of all the sports, boxers are more apt to wear a protective cup than other sports. Just le

  • Tedtastic

    I realize now that I used improper grammar with “it’s”…as I meant to write “what is it like to get punched in the boobs?”

    I don’t want my grammar issues to exclude my dog’s unitesti from the comment of the week….screw Joe and his “Jack Handy” comment! Although I thought it was funny! Joe..Joe..Joe…it’s always Joe!

  • Advanced Prototype 2.0

    Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to say that I have never been kicked or punched below the belt. BUT, my babies have been struck with a football and a football helmet before, which is just as painful, if not, worst. In high school, during a football game, I played tight end (TE) and my fucking quarterback threw the ball to me during one play but threw that shit too fucking low for me to catch, so when I tried to catch it, it went through my hands and…bullseye. It was a quick, bullet-type pass to gain a first down, too, so the velocity on that football was like, fucking Superman the ride. So yeah, I quickly fell to the ground, grimacing in pain. And that pain was instant, no fucking 5 second delay or anything like Dustin said. And the pain was sharp and right at the groin area (not in the back, abs, or kidneys). The pain lasted a good 2 minutes or so, before it subsided. Just think of it as like, putting your hand on a table faced down, and throwing a football at it with high velocity…except to the groin area. Or putting your hand on a table faced down, and striking it with a hammer…except to the groin area. I don’t know what kind of genetic mutation Dustin has with his pain receptors, but there’s no delay in the pain or it being localized elsewhere. When you get hit in the testes, that’s where it hurts! The other time where I got struck down there with a football helmet was also during a football game in high school, where after I made a reception, I ran a good 20 yards down the sideline before one of the fucking cornerbacks came head-on and flew at me helmet-first to tackle me down and struck me there. I flipped out of bounds and fumbled the football. Then I stayed down in pain for 2-3 minutes. After that, I started wearing a protective cup.

  • Toddrod

    For some reason I didn’t finish my thought in my earlier post. I think it was because I was thinking about how painful getting hit in the nuts really can be. Of all the pains I can think of, getting kicked in the nuts feels the closest to what living in hell might be like. So, girls, be careful down there. How can the scro be so tough, and the nuts so sensitive? That is some crazy stuff. I don’t wanna go to work now, cuz I’m kinda sad.

    Toddrod the tingling Meringue

  • warren the turd

    I’m pretty sure that some of you who’ve seen some of my comments the past couple months would find it hard to belive that someone with my Gahndi-like disposition and perfect punktuation,could possibly be a target for being kicked in the nuts.The truth is,I found out at an early age that I possess the natural ability to bring out “the best”(as my family and friends used to say..mostly to police an authority figures)in people.I guess what i’m saying is my plight, is bringing out the best in people while getting kicked in the nuts.I’ve been kicked in the nuts from the front,from the side,around the corner(literally)One time a chic at the rat in Boston,dumped a drink on my head,punched me in the face,AND kicked me in the nuts all at the same time.that was mother told me when I was born the Dr.kicked me in the nuts cause he said he didnt like the way I tried to breathe.I mean right now as i type I’m thinking if Dustin knew what I was thinking about his decription of being kicked in the nuts ..he would want to kick me in the nuts..see what i mean..It never stops ..but learning from this blog..I did not say logic won over my emotional,instictive urge to say it.And more important, when you said your parents read this(of course)it made me think.I agree with every comment i’ve read on this painfull subject.It made me feel at little less alone in this world knowing that others share my pain.You must know that the worst getting kicked in the nuts pain is when your in a fight and you get the edge on the guy who tried to kick you in the nuts ..and then..from behind, you get kicked in the nuts from three kids from Charlestown pretending to be Adam vinniteri from 64yrds out.The only pain that could be worse than that(for me) would be, by bringing out the best in you all, I somehow “spoil and infect and bacterealize?,pollute,spread raw chicken,uncooked pork,or more importantly(to me)offend Alison or her parents.

  • Q

    Getting hit in the nuts hurts your kidneys and abdomen because the nerve going to the testicles, the Spermatic Plexus, branches off from the Renal Plexus which connects to the kidneys. The pain signals are so strong they get interpreted as pain coming from everywhere up the chain of nerves.

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