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Because I post my chats with Wendy over here, by default, all other chats go here:

me:I can’t lie to my public. I’m like Eva Peron Andy: in many ways.

i’ve actually decided that your on-air persona is very phoebe-ish. phoebish?me: my california friends told me I reminded them of her too it’s my blond hair
Andy: yes, that’s it.
me: I don’t know if I see it
but I love Friends
so thank you
so but then if it’s my on air persona that would mean in real life I’m more like Joey?
Andy: no, you’re more like alison rosen.
especially the hair.
me: I love her!
except when she gets kind of
I don’t know the word
Andy: she’s great in small doses.

  • Anonymous

    Chat of the day:

    Colmes: Ur mom’s so fat she can’t even jump to a conclusion !

    Hannity: Ur mother married E.T you should look yurself in the mirror !


    Colmes: My dad is William Fichtner from Jaibreak and you should never forget that dammit !

    Hannity: By the way, I think he was the actor who actually played E.T before all that C.G.I hoohaw came along !

    Colmes: Well Hannity , your mother’s so fat, when she goes to a restaurant she doesn’t get a menu, she gets an estimate !

    Hannity: Yo mama so stupid she took an umbrella to see Purple Rain !

    Colmes: Yo mama so stupid she went thought Fleetwood Mac was a hamburger

    Hannity: That’s it, yo mama so fat, E.T (ur daddy) doesn’t need a spaceship to fly to the moon !


  • Joe

    Alison (singing):
    “Don’t cry for me TONY
    The truth is I never left you
    All through my wild days
    My mad existence…”

  • Anonymous

    This is a conversation between me and my only friend on MySpace.

    me: Hey Tom, and how are you today?

    Tom: “………..”

    me: Yeah, that’s the way I see it as well, but have you considered this?

    Tom: “…………………………………………….”

    me: Oh you did?

    Tom: “..”

    me: So, you do understand where I’m coming from?

    Tom: “………………………………………………………………….”

    me. Yeah, you and every other Dick And Harry. Begone!


  • Joe

    “Andy: she’s great in small doses.”

    I’m thinking an Alison Overdose might just be a good way to go…

  • Anonymous

    I personally found the only entertaining program I have ever seen of Colmes @ Hannity was when Larry the Cable guy was on there. What was it? a week or so ago? I only tuned in for his segment. Which reminds me… I’ll start watching them again in Dec. maybe.
    But oh how I love me some Mr. O.


  • Pow

    I’ve noticed your blond hair too, but I don’t see the Pheobishshness. You can see that you’re in on the joke. She wasn’t. I dunno. I overanalyze things too much sometimes.
    I do know one thing though. I was reading that comment about Tom from MySpace. Tom’s no “friend.” I moved last year. he never showed up to help. I left MySpace and just wander around now aimlessly, in NoSpace you could say.

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