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Thursday Gang

Alison Rosen

When Not Hosting the Thursday Show, Alison Is: Hosting the Monday show, having difficulty sleeping, tweeting, writing, playing with Wendy, drinking coffee, thinking about but never actually de-cluttering

Birthplace: Oakland, California

Favorite Color: Blue

Sign: Taurus

Hear Alison:

Learn More about Alison: @alisonrosen

Jenna Kim Jones

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Jenna is: Performing stand up comedy, co-hosting Sorry Not Sorry, narrating and hosting documentaries, doing voiceover work, raising Samantha, organizing her party pantry, singing, talking about candy, playing with her hair despite the protestations of her husband Allan

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Favorite Color: Purple

Sign: Gemini

Hear Jenna:

Learn More about Jenna: @jennakimjones

Allan Moss

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Allan is: Working in I.T., co-hosting Sorry Not Sorry, playing guitar, making really good scrambled eggs, raising Samantha, saving turtles in a John boat, saving time by using a body wash, shampoo and conditioner blend, having a hashtag in front of his name

Birthplace: Gallup, New Mexico

Favorite Color: Blue

Sign: Capricorn

Hear Allan:

Learn More about Allan: @allanmoss

Greg Heller

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Greg is: Producing and writing television, making binder clip figures, dreaming about lobsters, surfing, fishing, talking about avocados, playing guitar, cooking, playing with his cat, being hypnogogic

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Color: Cerulean

Sign: Sagittarius

Hear Greg:

Learn More about Greg: @dongattack

Daniel Quantz

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Daniel is: Working in film distribution, writing, drawing, sculpting, not caring about food which baffles and kind of upsets Alison, working on next week's intros, playing with Wendy, singing songs to Wendy, sleeping with Wendy on his head, suggesting to Alison that Wendy must like him better because of her choice of sleeping partner, playing games on his phone

Birthplace: Tucson, AZ

Favorite Color: Mediterranean Blue

Sign: Leo

Hear Daniel:

Learn More about Daniel: @danielquantz

Jeff Fox

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Jeff is: Producing other podcasts, finding new ways to be organized ideally involving labels, purging clutter, surfing, hosting Barracuda Radio, doing stuff with cars, playing with his cats, enjoying his new hoodie which he says is the best hoodie he’s ever had and he made Alison try it on and she agrees

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Favorite Color: Seafoam Green

Sign: Libra

Hear Jeff:

Learn More about Jeff: @coloneljefffox


When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Samantha is: Sleeping, being a baby, being cute, throwing up

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Color: TBD

Sign: Scorpio


When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Wendy is: Sleeping on Daniel’s head, releasing toxic fart plumes, stealing pens, barking at strange noises, being cute and snuggly

Birthplace: Plano, TX

Favorite Color: Jerky

Sign: Taurus

Hear Wendy:

Tom Rapp (Trapp Dog)

When Not Kicking Ass On The Thursday Show, Tom is: Naming all 156 episodes of Twilight Zone in order, working for the man, getting last minute song requests from Alison, posting songs to his YouTube page, playing "Snack Chat" live on the LIVE Bumbershoot episode, appreciating classic comedy like Jack Benny, Marx Brothers and Monty Python

Birthplace: Long Island, New York

Favorite Color: Black

Sign: Gemini

Hear Tom:

Learn More about Tom: @trappdog

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