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The Daily Alison (Day 11; Wherein I emerge from a rose bush to interview Matt Nathanson)

I’m posting this before the video has finished processing so give it a little while before clicking. In today’s video I not only humiliate myself as is my way, but then I talk to Matt Nathanson whom I know from college. I went to Pomona College and  he went to Pitzer. Back then he had long hair and watched Northern Exposure and we used to have these long heated debates about things but for the life of  me I can’t remember what they were about. I just remember a long car ride where I was driving and he was in the passenger seat and my friend Jessica was in the backseat and I think she wanted to die because of all the almost yelling. It’s weird. I’m really not like that anymore. I think Matt liked to give me a hard time about stuff though. Probably some guy that he claimed I had a crush on that I said I didn’t really have a crush on but who I actually did have a crush on. Did that make sense? I think I dragged him to see some not very good bands (in addition to good bands, if you happen to be a good band whom I dragged Matt Nathanson to see years ago).

Anyway, now he’s all famous. I remember when it happened. I went to try to see a show of his last minute unannounced (my showing up was unannounced, not his show) and I couldn’t get into the goddamn place because it was sold out. I called his ass up and he came and got me and in the course of that he was swarmed by fans. I’m sorry, I’m distracted by the woman practicing opera singing across the street. There’s a lot of trilling and warbling going on.

I think I have more to say and more to link to however I must go now. More later!

Oh and enjoy the way I forget a very common word, won’t you?

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