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The Daily Alison (Day 8; Wherein I talk to Laura Leu about eggs)

Here’s today’s video. Please enjoy it. And here are some related links! Yay!

Laura Leu

NY Times story about hugging

That egg poaching toaster appliance that Laura was talking about

God of Carnage

By the way: Are there certain things/people whatnot you want to see or don’t want to see in these vlogs? Let me know! And tune in to Red Eye tonight because I’m on the show.

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Blind tease for upcoming Daily Alison!

I dare you to read this email from tomorrow’s surprise special guest and not be on tenterhooks:

Tomorrow early afternoonish is great! I know you probably want to talk
off-the-cuff, but I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your poached
microwave egg problem, because I think I have a solution. Just an idea
for a talking point. But you know I’m open to talking about whatever.

In other news I kind of want to dispense with the word vlog because it’s raising too many questions about whether it’s pronounced vlog like blog or vlog like vee-log. But for some reason the word video doesn’t sound right either. But if I stop using the word vlog then how can I ask you guys to name my daily vlog? Language is so slippery!

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The Daily Alison (Day 6; Wherein I interview James Morel about ravioli AND MORE!)

Hey everyone. Here’s today’s vlog. Please love it like you’d love your own, um, vlog? Yeah. Tonight I’m going to a Neil LaBute play. LaBute’s movies make me want to throw things at the screen so hopefully I won’t bring that violent rage to the theater but if I do what are some good squishy things to throw? I think tomatoes is way too cliche and almost, shall we say, amateurish. And bean bags, also, would be a rookie move not indicative of my ability to think of creative squishy items. Anyway, while you ponder that and also watch this video, I’m going to go run errands. I feel like all I do is run errands. I’m turning into my mom. Except I don’t think her errands involve buying Splenda tablets which is clearly a youthful endeavor. Other youthful endeavors? Wearing a diaper, playing hopscotch, jumping up and down, being excited about Christmas, being idealistic, having sticky stuff on your hands, saying the darnedest things, etc.

More info about things mentioned in the vlog? Well today I got vaguely news-esque. Here are those stories:

Women happier in the 60s:

Fungi, From Killer to Dinner Companion (I can’t stop laughing at this)

And here’s some James Morel info. And here’s Dr. Tattoff, his company.

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The Daily Alison (Day 5; Wherein I interview Dave Hill about moths), Parts 1 and 2

Today is a special day in vlogland because this video supersized itself and there was some overage captured in part 2. It’s like this vlog has a muffin top. A soup muffin top. (Soup muffin being a reference which only people who read the post about soupy muffins will understand.)

So, yeah. Parts 1 and 2. I probably could have edited this all down but you see, editing isn’t what I’m all about. Not editing is what I’m all about.

So enjoy these videos. Or try, at least.

Part 1:

But wait, there’s also Part 2:

Need more info on Dave Hill? I think you probably do!

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The Daily Alison (Day 4; Wherein I talk to Doug Benson about his butt and Broadway)

The careful reader will notice that today I changed the title to The Daily Alison instead of The Daily Rosen. I’m still not sold on the name though, I’m just lazy in terms of coming up with something better.

Today’s guest is Doug Benson! I bet you didn’t know that he’s a theater buff. No, I really think you didn’t. Don’t lie! You didn’t. You did not! Just stop.

Some links? Okay:

Doug on Twitter

Doug on Myspace

Doug at Caroline’s

The Norman Conquests

I feel like such a link whore right now. And yet I’m a link whore of my own doing. I’m going to go ponder that.

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