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Vlogs that feature… ME!

If you go to and then go to “This week in NYC” and then click on the Eat Out for 9/6/07 and the Dating for 9/6/07 you’ll find me interiewing Gabriella Gershenson, Food Editor and Julia Allison, Dating Columnist, repectively. I also did the One Thing this week with Ethan but that one isn’t up yet.

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I posted this on myspace but now I’m posting it here because I still can’t figure out how to manage these blogs and what I should be posting where and stuff. But anyway:

So Ethan and I do these Vlogs at work when the EIC is unable to do them. I don’t always post them because they’re kind of hard to find but if you go to this link you can see the most recent oneand then if you go to you can scroll through and find others. Also, some time ago I hosted an bookcase buildoff at an Ikea in Paramus New Jersey for a story we were doing and if you go to TONY EXCLUSIVES and then Ikea bookcase buildoff it’s there. And there’s some other stuff too, single in the city, service in the city and some interviews from the Black Snake Moan premiere.

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You're still here? Well, in that case…

Greetings readers of my infrequently updated blog. I know you’re out there so I thought you might enjoy an image. Here it is. Fancy!

And here are some links to my recent appearances on Red Eye.

Here’s one!

Here’s another!

Wait, here’s another from the same show. I forget what’s on what.

And I recently discovered that if you search my name on YouTube you can find a really truly horrible photo of me. Fun!

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