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What Does Al Know???? (And Another Salad Debacle)

ARIYNBF What Does Al Know

This episode features the birth of an on-the-fly-off-the-cuff segment entitled, “What does #AL know?” in which we attempt to figure out the titular question and also, how the game works. We also talked about sports and finance which is unusual for us and I detailed yet another salad debacle. Also I just had blood drawn and I think my vein hurts which is neither here nor there and has nothing to do with this episode but just saying, weird arm sensation. And we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and Daniel revealed some of my secrets.


Also: I’ve been trying to take more videos. Scroll down for some before, during and after the show clips.


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Question for you about Wednesday's live show

Hey all of you. So as you may or may not know, which for the first time is striking me as redundant because hello, doesn’t “may” suggest there’s a possibility of “may not”? It isn’t “as you definitely know.” Anyway, as you sure as hell probably might know, I’m doing a live show on Ustream on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10pm Eastern time. You can RSVP here. (RSVPing as far as I can tell just indicates that you may or may not watch but I enjoy watching the number climb so you should totally RSVP.)

So here’s my question for you: Do you prefer when I have a guest or would you guys rather be alone with me? And if you prefer guests do you want to chat with people you’re familiar with like my dad, Trevor, Dustin or would you rather talk to various luminaries in the fields of automotives and health/wellness? Note: I know no such luminaries. Had the fields been aerospace and mechanical engineering this might be a different story. Or it might not be a different story. But you know what I mean. Assorted notables.

Also, and I really like Emily Blunt and John Krasinksi but in the photo below doesn’t look like they both just sucked on lemon wedges?


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The Daily Alison (Wherein I play tag and then interview Anthony Pignataro)

Anthony Pignataro and I used to work at the OC Weekly. He always wore shorts, hence the invention of his alter ego, Tony LongPants, who wears pants. I think this amused the rest of us more than it amused Anthony, as you’ll see when I bring it up. Anthony lived in Maui for many years after Orange County and worked as the editor-in-chief of the Maui Time Weekly. He’s written a book called Remember The Technicolor Dreamboat: And Other Tales of Maui’s Misfits featuring some of those stories which you can buy here.

Related reading?

I briefly mentioned graffiti. This is the story I was referring to.

And the headache dance is referred to here.

And here’s Anthony’s account of the Rick Dees run-in.

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I'm a vegetable narc. Also, here are some photos.

Green room shot at Geraldo

So I’m overdue in posting some photos. The above is a green room shot from Geraldo. It’s actually a makeup room in the green room shot. Note the wee Josh Groban behind me.

Want to see a gross pepper?

Oh and here’s the world’s ugliest red-or-is-it-green pepper. Do you see it? If I knew how to put arrows into photos I’d do that but let’s see here. If you aren’t seeing it, it’s directly to the left of the cabbage heads in the middle row. I don’t think this photo quite captures its horrifying freak of nature quality. It looked like it had a green tongue sticking out of it. And then when I went to snap a photo I’m pretty sure one of the grocery store guys took off to alert the boss in the back that there was some kind of vegetable narc on the premises. That’s fine. I’m kind of a vigilante vegetable narc. I make a citizen’s arrest of this pepper. Do not stare directly at this pepper.

Here's why weekends are confusing and kind of suck lately

And this is why late nights are confusing lately. Maybe? I don’t know. I’m too fired up about the pepper to really think about whether this is the sign that captures the confusion or not however basically it’s very easy to misread these signs (there are a few different ones) and end up standing on a platform for a train that’s never coming which isn’t a metaphor but when it happens to you it’s impossible not to feel like it’s a sign of how you’re living your life, instead of a sign about how you misread or don’t read signs, which is also a sign.

With Mike Rouse and Billy Zoom

Oh hey and this is X’s manager Mike Rouse, Billy Zoom of X and me in the green room at Red Eye. Here’s an article about how I know Billy.

With Billy Zoom

And then here’s Billy and me.

One of these things is less high than the other

And here’s Doug Benson and me. We were totally baked in this photo except for me. Thanks to his being in town I saw two plays and a comedy show last week. Left to my own devices I might have just taken photos of atrocious vegetables.

Oh and kind of related by not entirely but kind of: I’m trying to get the word out about The Daily Alison so if you enjoy it please tell your friends and if you don’t enjoy it, please try to enjoy it. No, try harder!

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The Daily Alison (Day 11; Wherein I emerge from a rose bush to interview Matt Nathanson)

I’m posting this before the video has finished processing so give it a little while before clicking. In today’s video I not only humiliate myself as is my way, but then I talk to Matt Nathanson whom I know from college. I went to Pomona College and  he went to Pitzer. Back then he had long hair and watched Northern Exposure and we used to have these long heated debates about things but for the life of  me I can’t remember what they were about. I just remember a long car ride where I was driving and he was in the passenger seat and my friend Jessica was in the backseat and I think she wanted to die because of all the almost yelling. It’s weird. I’m really not like that anymore. I think Matt liked to give me a hard time about stuff though. Probably some guy that he claimed I had a crush on that I said I didn’t really have a crush on but who I actually did have a crush on. Did that make sense? I think I dragged him to see some not very good bands (in addition to good bands, if you happen to be a good band whom I dragged Matt Nathanson to see years ago).

Anyway, now he’s all famous. I remember when it happened. I went to try to see a show of his last minute unannounced (my showing up was unannounced, not his show) and I couldn’t get into the goddamn place because it was sold out. I called his ass up and he came and got me and in the course of that he was swarmed by fans. I’m sorry, I’m distracted by the woman practicing opera singing across the street. There’s a lot of trilling and warbling going on.

I think I have more to say and more to link to however I must go now. More later!

Oh and enjoy the way I forget a very common word, won’t you?

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