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Some edgy images I've uploaded to twitter recently


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An old but cute photo of Tobey I'm sharing because you're super into that

Bored on the plane yesterday and not quite feeling like watching my Facts of Life DVDs which I was smart enough to bring with me (last trip my biggest regrets were that I didn’t bring my Facts of Life DVDs or my fuzzy slippers which I like to wear on dates) I decided to look at some photos on my computer. I actually would have rather looked at email but this wasn’t one of those planes equipped with wifi. How did I feel about that? Lousy! Anyway, I came across the above adorable photo of Tobey which I’d seen before but hadn’t fully appreciated.

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Adorable Tobey shots

My mom just sent these to me. In other news I cooked bell peppers tonight and now my whole apartment smells really bell peppery. Ok fine, I actually also cooked them the night before and the night before. I’m not one for variety. For example, I was hoping all my clothes, like every last garment would smell like a bell pepper and I’m pretty sure I got my wish.

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A moment of silence for Woofie

Today, Feb 6, would have been Woofie’s birthday. If he were alive today he’d be, let me see, about 24 years old which in dog years is 70 million. Woofie enjoyed such activities as riding in cars, walking around with paper stuck to his nose and licking. He is missed.

After Woofie died my parents waited about five years, which in daughter years is 70 million, to get a new dog. Finally they settled on the guy below though. I like to imagine what Woofie and Tobey would have been like together.

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