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Yes, fine, I won ANOTHER award.


Cookie party prize winners (L to R: Natali, honorable mention for her snickerdoodles; Jill, best looking for her ice cream cookie sandwiches; Seven, most creative for her cookie hamburgers; Ann, best tasting for her peanut butter cookies; me, tackiest for my sugar cookie disasters)

Over the weekend I won another award. I swear to God you guys, the accolades are coming fast and furious which is just the risk you take when you’re extraordinarily gifted, I suppose. (more…)

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Annotated pics from The Strategy Room

Before PrototypeDemo abandoned my Twitter for Andy Levy’s, which still smarts, by the way, he posted a bunch of Strategy Room screen grabs to The Activity Pit. I’ve chosen a select few to comment on.

In the above photo two things are worth noting. 1) I’m a Page Six Magazine contributing editor which is different than a Page Six contributor. I tried to explain the difference on air. Once more: Page Six Magazine is a glossy weekly magazine which examines NYC lifestyle, culture and more and comes free in Sunday’s New York Post. Page Six is a daily gossip column. 2) My eyes are up here.

And then here’s where I measured the desk.

Then I adjusted my hair.

Then I was all “Oh yeah, wrestler who sells energy drinks? You wanna spar? I will cardio kickbox all over your ass! Bring it!”

And then I was like, “Whoa, whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wow whoa whoa.” Then I asked readers to spot the wow in the preceding string of whoas. Also: whoa is me!

Then I got drunk.

Then I saw a patch of gnomes off to the right. They were frolicking and carrying marshmallows to and fro. I wanted to join them because they looked so happy. But would I, a full size human, be accepted into their tiny world? The thoughts weighed heavy on me.

Then I got up and left.

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More shots from The Strategy Room

These shots are also from Joe via The Activity Pit. I’m a lousy thief.

In the above shot I’m clearly making some kind of point. I fear it may have been the one involving my desire as a child to have pet pygmy marmosets because I saw a picture of them in the Guinness Book of World Records and how my parents suggested I write Joan Embery to see if this was feasible. It wasn’t.

Here’s the photo I mentioned.

And then here I am not making a point.

And then here’s a Santa potato head.

Here we are laughing at something.

Here’s Bill Schulz. Want to know what kind of friend he is? He’s the kind of friend who, when I said at the beginning of the show that I’m a frequent guest on Red Eye, acted as if he’d never seen me before. Thank God he’s a horrible actor.

And then something happened here.

And then somehow Charlie’s Angels was mentioned and then Jill Dobson and Melanie Notkin made the above gestures and then Jill said “come on Alison!” and then, even though I pride myself on having never taken a photo wherein two gal pals and I are pretending to be Charlie’s Angels, I lamely tried to mimic what they were doing so as to seem fun and sporty and easygoing. If the above photo could speak it would say “hey guys? is this what we’re doing? guys? am I doing it right?” And then it would laugh nervously.

Here I am posing with a menorah, apparently. I didn’t see this behind my head until I saw these photos. And what is my hair doing here? It can’t decide if it’s going behind my shoulder or in front. It figures that even my hair is indecisive. Also, I celebrate Christmas for those keeping track. I know it’s confusing.

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