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Wait, THIS is where to see me this week! (plus info about upcoming guests)

Wait, wait, wait wait wait. I said WAIT. Jeez, in a rush or something? So just when I told you where I’d be this week it seems things are changing. I will now be on Red Eye Jan 6 on the Fox News Channel at midnight PST/3am EST which is Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I will be fantastic, so if you’d like to leave comments about how great I was in advance, I’m currently accepting them.

Right after taping that, but before you see that, I will be doing my Ustream show at 8pm PST/11pm EST and I’m excited to have Chad Rogers from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing as one of my guests that night.


Will I mention to Chad that Justin Bieber seems to have ripped off his hairstyle?



Or will I mention that Jack Wild from Oliver was waaaaay ahead of both of them?



It’s tough to say, really. There may be some hot Skippy action as well. And NY1 icon Pat Kiernan will be dropping in, phonewise, one of these nights too. UPDATE, HE WILL BE ON THIS WEDNESDAY’S SHOW! YAY!



Speaking of hair, which I kind of always am, the following week on my Ustream show I most likely will be on the business end of a haircut given to me by a producer for a very popular TV show which rhymes with Faily Show. Because I’m ready for a big change in my style, I’m hoping he’ll lop off about 1/18th of an inch of my precious tresses, which I’ll then donate to a very tiny charity who makes very tiny wigs out of very tiny bits of hair. Like wigs for bugs. Bug merkins. Anyway, should more than 1/18th of hair come off the ends of my locks there very well may be tears. Not mine. He’ll also be cutting his own hair which is how we got into this whole mess. It was like this:

Him: I cut my own hair.

Me: No way. That’s impressive. Do you ever cut girl hair?

Him: I have before. I could give you a haircut on your Ustream show.

Me: Sure, why the fuck not.

It’s funny, because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s relaxed about my hair! (If there’s two things I’m not, it’s relaxed about my hair and made out of ginger bread).

So in sum, your Wednesday looks like this:

8pm PST/11pm EST: Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend (Ustream, this is on your computer!)

12am PST/3am EST: Red Eye (Fox News Channel, this is on your television!)

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