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This one's sad.

Twelve years ago someone close to me died. If you’d have known me at the time it was all I really talked about and I also wrote poetry about it and strange prose poems and short stories and marveled at the way the pain caused this preponderance of words, this spillage, really, and not the frozen numbed out wordlessness you’d expect. If I may be precious for a moment, you could say the pain existed in hypercolor, even though when I remember that period of time it’s usually in a smudgy grays. Pardon me, I think I made myself puke.

Anyway, and this is a tangent, but I still feel a bit sheepish about the fact that I so clearly allowed everyone around me to witness my mourning but perhaps even more sheepish that my mourning outfit consisted mostly of (more…)

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Video from when I played in a band on The Daily Alison

A bunch of you have been asking to see video from when I played in The Angoras so here you go. A few songs from a show we played at The Garage in Hollywood in 2001. I’m playing the sparkly silver Gretsch. Paula is in the middle and Yami is on bass. Tim was on drums. Paula and Tim still play music in bands. All three of my former band mates have been on my show. I miss them.

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Photos I found on my mom's computer

More photos of me? If you insist. I was on my mom’s computer looking for porn (note: not looking for porn) when I found these photos that I must have put on there when they were emailed to me and I was using her computer and etcetera. Plus, since Anna David posted on the Activity Pit that she wasn’t afraid to trot out some Alison Rosen material and then Joe asked for some baby pictures I thought I might beat them to the punch. Not that they actually have access to my baby photos, but you know. So, shall we?

Here I am taking a nap before the dawn of color photography. This actually is a daguerreotype.

And here I am wearing a bandanna on my head after a hard day of child labor. Also, my older brothers enjoyed dressing me up in ridiculous get ups and I’m thinking this was one of them.

Here I am hanging out with my older brother Josh. He’s so totally imitating me here but that’s Josh, always trying to do what I do.

Here I am many years later playing in The Angoras. Yes, I know my legs look fat here.

Here I am being tuff with the band, hanging out on a car. That’s the kind of outlaw shit we did in OC. We didn’t even play instruments, just hung out on fully-hotrodded titz rides. In fact, I’m surprised there aren’t any flames on the side of this vehicle. There’s very unusual.

Here we are on tour after I’d clearly made some kind of hugely embarrassing admission.

See how tuff we were? By the way, if you own this cassette it’s totally worth the cost of a used cassette right now.

Here I am holding a baby. Come and get it quick men, I think I just ovulated. Oh and if you happen to click on this photo let me say right now that I don’t know what’s up with my eyebrow. I must have shaved it like that in prison. [update: maybe this isn’t the photo but there’s a photo of me like this where it looks like there’s a Vanilla Ice-style notch missing from my eyebrow, hence the explanation. The unnecessary explanation.]

And here’s my sister and me just hanging out. This was probably the last time I had a tan and wore a tank top. Actually, I’ll have you know that’s not just any tank top, it’s Wonder Woman Underoos.

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You wanted to hear The Angoras?

After messing around so long on (and getting nowhere really) that I want to punch myself, I finally just uploaded the songs to my page on The Activity Pit. Kim, I hope you enjoy these page views. (that sounded really obnoxious didn’t it? in a cyber nerd kind of way? what has become of me?)

And video does actually exist. Not of the reunion show but from years ago. In theory I could put this up but if I spend any more time dealing with putting band stuff on my blog I will scream. Not that my screaming isn’t felicitous, because it is. As is my warbling. Basically not one tone escapes my throat that isn’t dulcet. Frankly speaking, of course.

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I think it's funny

When things get stuck to my blackberry, like paperclips, because of the magnet inside. It reminds me of when things used to get stuck to Woofie’s nose, which they always did. But I find things funny that no one else thinks are funny, so feel no pressure to be amused by this.

Also, I woke up sleep-blogging again. I was coming up with a list of books I’d never write. The first was Things I Learned While Kayaking.

And finally, I’m going to a wedding this weekend and all of us who used to be in the band will be there (it’s the bass player who’s getting married). She wants us to play one of our old songs. I’m kind of ridiculously excited about this, even if I haven’t played in forever.

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