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Hear me on the radio this morning

I’ll be on Doug Giles show on (that’s where you can go to listen) at 11:30am ET this morning talking about my 101 Things to Do In A Sh*tty Economy along with other stuff. What kind of other stuff? That’s for me to know and you to find out! Also, that’s for me to find out! The show will rebroadcast on RFCradio from 3 to 4pm and it’ll also be available archived tomorrow, or something. I think? Anyway, yeah.

And and unrelated, to the people who wanted me to sign something I put the address in the comments on that post.

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Old radio interviews with Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black

In honor of turning over a new leaf and focusing on the future, I decided to repost some interviews from three or four years ago. Two years ago? I forget when these were. Mostly I did this because I realized I could grab the code and put them here and that they weren’t stuck, like pubic hairs in amber, on my fossilized MySpace page. Jesus Christ, what kind of MySpace page do I have anyway? That is the appropriate question. Anyway, I can’t actually bear to listen to these, but maybe you can. They were the first radio interviews I’d ever conducted, by the way, so be gentle!

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I'll be on the radio in ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!

give or take about ten minutes. I’ll be doing this radio appearance in my living room on the phone. I’ll be wearing a skimpy MTA uniform, like a sexy MTA worker getup, because that’s how I like to recline. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, you can listen here APPARENTLY although like I said before, I tried and got nowhere. It was frustrating so I began crying so hard my whole floor filled with magical tears that nearly washed my various skimpy radio outfits into the street, where I would have been fined for not properly recycling them.

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