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last night's Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend recap plus online dating Qs, horror stories, where to see me

Last night’s show was really fun. First we talked to writer A.J. Jacobs, who was delightful, and then comedian Brendan McLaughlin came over to talk comedy and teach us how to professionally taste beer. He was a hoot, and I mean that in the sincerest way. At some point I also spoke Spanish and we did the wavey pencil dance and it was the greatest wavey pencil dance ever (Dustin took a solo) and we also talked about dating and my plans to do some online dating and document it on the show because I don’t go anywhere without my viewing audience.

Which brings me to a question: Have you had luck with online dating sites and which do you recommend?

And at the end of the show I invited you all to share your dating horror stories (either put them in the comments or email them to alisonrosenisyournewbestfriend AT gmail DOT com) and I will read some of them on the next show and name a winner. I’m not sure yet what the winner will win.

Oh and also, also, also, I need a logo so I can get some stickers made up. Anyone have any ideas for a logo that would look good on a bumper sticker? Maybe it should just be the name of the show. The thing that flummoxes me is that most sites where you order stickers have a button where you upload artwork. So that’s what I need. You know? Okay then.

Oh and also I had super fancy new title cards and we did a segment called “Just me or everyone?” where it was determined that many things I do are just me. It felt less reassuring than I’d hoped.

And one more potentially obnoxious thing. If anyone would like to make highlights on the videos for some of the moments I mentioned above, I will link to them.

Oh and see me tonight at 8pm ET on Diana Falzone‘s Paltalk show. Apparently I’ll be spelling my name with two LLs for the occasion.

And Friday morning at 11am ET I’ll be on CNET’s The 404 podcast. YAY!

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This is why I'm angry at my eye

Crossing one eye used to be one of the things I did for fun. Other things in my fun repertoire? Raising one eyebrow, blowing spit bubbles off the end of my tongue, wiggling my ears, squishing my nose to demonstrate how squishy it is, making myself burp and for a very short time I juggled. Also there was the whole thing with the fancy card shuffling. Now in telling you all this I’m not trying to brag, though I imagine a certain amount of respect is flowing from you to me right now, I’m just stating the facts. The facts are that I’m fairly amazing. Or at least I was. You see, these days when I try to cross one eye I’m noticing something alarming.


My eye is lazy in terms of not being lazy. It’s like I have a lazy eye, that’s how normal it is. You know? Instead of very clearly heading one way while the other one looks straight, I just have a vaguely crazed look going on. I’m kind of beside myself.


Here I am at Paltalk yet again not effectively crossing one eye. Hope springs eternal I guess.


Still, it was depressing enough that I grew pensive….


And felt the need to hide under multiple hats…

11And then I took some calls.

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Clips from Paltalk with Diana Falzone

Did you miss my appearance on Paltalk? Sure you did. Have you been crying ever since? Yes you have! Do you enjoy when I ask you questions and then answer them for you? Affirmative! Do you want to hear about my hormones today? No you don’t! Was that TMI? TOTALLY! Are you uncomfortable with where this is going? Pretty much, yes.

In that case I’ll just post this:

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Diana and I talked about buttons before Paltalk

So I received this Flip Mino HD moments before heading out the door this morning which I know you’ll find hard to believe when you take a gander at how brilliantly I capture life’s lighter moments. I’m telling you, if this writing/performing/being charming thing doesn’t work out, I think I could have a career as a therapist. And then if that doesn’t work I could consider being a makeup artist. And if that doesn’t pan out I might go back to school or temp. But if neither of those work for me? I might consider climbing behind the camera because I’m truly a camera artist. In fact, I might even be an artiste!

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I'm on Paltalk at 11am ET

Morning lovers. First of all I want to say that you guys are funny and your comments make me laugh and I am madly in love with each of you and if I were stranded on an island and could only take all of you, I would.

Second of all, I’m on Paltalk with Diana Falzone today at 11am ET. She’s probably very excited right now, as should you be.

You can watch it somewhere around here:

You may have to log in. Do you have to log in? Or sign up? I’m not sure. I’m sorry, I just work here. (note: I don’t work here)

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Listen to me cough on Paltalk yesterday

Here’s the first seven minutes of my interview yesterday on the Diana Falzone show on Paltalk. A word of warning, don’t turn the volume up all the way at the beginning when it starts playing and you don’t hear anything because suddenly the music will start and it will blow your eardrums out your ears and they will splatter on the walls and then you will have no eardrums and without eardrums you [pause while I figure out what exactly will happen]

Without eardrums, you will have no rhythm section inside your ears.

Also, as the music came on, Diana said “I like to dance to the music” and you can see for a split second I kind of considered it and then thought better of it, my moves being so good that I would probably make her look bad in comparison which isn’t really a nice thing to do. It is her show, after all.

And special note to ToddRod: Yes, I am wearing The Shirt. But I’d only worn it twice on TV prior to this. (Once on Red Eye and once on F&F.)

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