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The link to my Christpher Ciccone story is up

You can read it here. Incidentally this is the same day that a story came out in the New York Post where an unnamed source alleges that Madonna ghost wrote parts of the book with her brother and that the scandal is made up. I just don’t think this is true. I’ve interviewed a lot of people and when the pieces don’t add up I can feel it. Even if I’m not able to uncover the real story I know when what I’m getting isn’t it. I didn’t get that bullsh*t vibe on this one and plus, if she were in cahoots, I don’t quite see what she added to the book. Some receipts? I just think there would have been something more spectacularly dishy in some regard were this whole thing were a publicity stunt.

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See me on TV Sunday morning!

Remember when I used to do the Best Bets segment on Weekend Today in New York every Saturday morning? You don’t? Because you were asleep at 6:45am? Well I daresay you were missing out, because not only was I able to form whole sentences at that hour, but… actually, that was the main thing. Whole sentences! Also: info! Also: sometimes I told stories about my friend Anthony who refers to tap dancing as “The Headache Dance.”

Well this Sunday I will be back in studio 6A (6B? 15G? 12&?) to do a segment for Page Six Magazine so cancel your Saturday evening plans so you can get up early on Sunday (ch. 4 in the 7am hour) and watch!

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Evan Handler story (from Page Six magazine)

I should be packing, but I’ll pretty much do anything other than pack. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether I’m a pack the night before a flight or the morning of a flight kind of person. I should probably set aside a chunk of time to decide. In the meantime, here’s the Evan Handler story. Click on the page images to enlarge.

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