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Today’s ARIYNBF is starting at 3:30pm PST instead of 4:30pm PST because I like to catch you off guard. For new people, first of all: Hi!!!! Second of all: Hey!!!! Third of all: Nice pants!!!!! Fourth of all: go to at 3:30pm PST today and you can watch the show live and also chat in the chat room which you will need to get a username to do. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory once you’re there.

Should you find yourself falling in love with my show and wanting to always know when it’s  happening, follow and also  You can buy a tshirt on the facebook page from the “shop now” tab at the top. Also join my crowd on Ustream because it’s just good thinking!

Also, there are some chat room rules which essentially boil down to don’t use all caps and don’t be a dick and watch your language.

If you want to read more about the music on the show, Tom Rapp, who writes and performs it has started blogging about it. There are lots of videos and things over there too. And subscribe to my  youtube channel!

Want to see some photos from the show?

I’ve inundated you, haven’t I? I knew it.

Also if you want to leave a message that I may play on the show call this number and include your name and a question if you have one! (480) 442-5476

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On today's ARIYNBF

Due to unexpected events I’m back out in California which means another special From My Parent’s House episode of ARIYNBF.

In addition to appearances by my parents and Tobey, I’m super excited that my friend MICHAEL ROSAS, who is one of my very favorite musicians ever will be appearing on the show and will be playing live.

If you are unfamiliar with Michael Rosas, you should get familiar pronto. I’ve written about him and his projects over the years. He used to front SMILE and then SATISFACTION. Lately he’s been playing solo shows. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving out important Rosas-related info. (He also appeared alongside MATT COSTA in an episode of THE DAILY ALISON (my old web show) from a year ago.)

Aren’t these all caps annoying? I THINK SO.

So please tune in and chat on Sunday at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Plus FAN PHONE CALL and all the other stuff you love.


I’m going to say it again: Watch at on SUNDAY at 7pm ET/4pm PT. (don’t be fooled by that tricky time zone thing!)

And have you become a fan of the ARIYNBF page? Free cheese for the first four thousand! (note: no gouda)

More info? You betcha!

Phone a fan info here:

Also, keep nakedness at bay with an ARIYNBF tshirt! Free shipping for a limited time.

Perhaps you’d like to buy a shoutout? Do it!

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About Sunday's ARIYNBF

As promised, Sunday’s show at 3:30PT/6:30ET is going to be a doozy. How do I know? I majored in doozy detection.

First and foremost, one of my favorite musicians PIERRE DE GAILLANDE who is from OC by way of Paris but now lives in NYC (just like me except for the Paris part) is going to be here to discuss his latest project BAD REPUTATION and he and his bass player, who plays stand up bass will be playing live in my apartment!!!!! You should really be barfing on yourself by now from sheer excitement. (Pierre will be playing a show the night before, June 12 at the Bell House in Brooklyn. You should go! More info.

Also, my dad who is a doctor will take your questions in a new segment called ASK DR. ROSEN! Or maybe it’s called Ask Alison’s Dad. I’m not sure, but you can send your questions to and put “ask dr. rosen” in the subject line.

And the triumphant return of NEVADA CALDWELL!

And ALFRED SCHULZ will be here!

And more surprise guests!

And all your favorite segments including Fan Phone Call and the one where I shoot myself out of a cannon! (And JMOE and Things You Never Hear People Say and Dating Experiment.)

Alright, see you Sunday at 6:30ET/3:30PT at Don’t miss it or I’ll eat my feelings.


And have you become a fan of the ARIYNBF page? Free puppies for the first four thousand! (note: no canines)

Phone a fan info here:

Also, keep nakedness at bay with an ARIYNBF tshirt!

And perhaps you’d like to get the word out about your company or yourself? You should sponsor a segment on my show! Affordable rates. Contact me for info. alisonrosenisyournewbestfriend [at] gmail [dot] com.

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On the next ARIYNBF (new show time!!!!)

OK let’s just get something out of the way: I love you.

Also, tomorrow is the maiden-ish voyage of the new show time and I’ll be doing the show from my parent’s house in California. Will I be wearing a bikini and making guacamole? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Also my HS prom date will make an appearance. My parents will make an appearance. Tobey will make an appearance. Alfred Schulz will call in with more Things You Never Hear People Say.

Also I will talk about the myriad ways dating sucks because that’s just me: hopeful and cup’s half full.

So please tune in SUNDAY at 4:30 ET/1:30 PT (don’t be confused by that tricky time zone!)


And have you become a fan of the ARIYNBF page? Free gingersnaps for the first four thousand! (note: no gingersnaps)

More info? You betcha!

Phone a fan info here:

Also, keep nakedness at bay with an ARIYNBF tshirt!

And did you see all the silly photos I posted on my blog from my walk yesterday?

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About tonight's ARIYNBF and everything else in my brain

Ok don’t cry you guys, but it’s looking like I won’t be doing an ARIYNBF show tonight because I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Did you know I grew up with a father who always pronounced it “crap of dawn?” Not because he didn’t know the correct idiom but because he thought it was funny to say crap? I did. This is the same man who would bait his children into saying the word “tank” (as in fish tank) so he could quickly say “you’re welcome.”

But anyway, back to how I’m breaking your hearts tonight: I’m sorry my dears! It’s quite possible I’ll go live at some point but it will just be me and my overwhelming charisma, not me and my overwhelmingly charismatic friends. All this, of course, is also because I’m changing the show time to Sunday. Could you be more excited? I really don’t think so.

In other news, yesterday was a busy day and in the audition I was actually asked to discuss something I’m passionate about which, if you’ve been watching my show or listening to me ramble on lately you’ll know is something on my mind. I’m pretty sure the guy operating the camera appreciated the chance to listen to me pontificate about not only my passion but about the very question and what it means and blah blah blah. You might think I’m using “blah blah blah” as a space holder to indicate that I was longwinded but I actually said “blah blah blah.” Not really, but wouldn’t that be funny/horrible if I did?

Which all brings me to some dating advice Dustin gave me recently. He told me I needed to stop externalizing my interior monologue because guys hear me discuss all the stuff going through my head and attempt to parse it or find some meaning in it related to them when really it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just me thinking out loud and grappling with my colossal intellect. (I added that last part.) The deep irony for someone who over-analyzes like me is the idea that someone could talk and talk and talk and it would mean nothing which means all those attempts at over-analysis are futile. Perhaps I’m the exception that proves the rule. Or I’m a hypocrit. Oh no, I’m doing it again. And by the way, if you feel lost and like you weren’t able to follow the last few twists and turns don’t worry, I pretty much have no idea what I’m talking about either.

But on to more pressing matters: showering. Since I have to be up at the aforementioned dawn crap tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll shower tonight however I’m sitting here feeling like I also want to shower right now. A morning AND night shower in one day? That’s sheer madness.

Oh, also! I’ve been given clearance to post some portions of essays I’ve been working on. They’re long so I think I’m going to post them in chunks at the same time each day. It will be like a serialized soap opera, only not a soap opera. You know?

Just say yes, it’s easier that way.

Also, it might be 412 degrees in this apartment.

Also, if you’ve ordered a tshirt and you’ve been chewing at your pen caps wondering where it is, good news: the mailers I was waiting on arrived so I’ll be putting the tshirts in the mail ASAP.

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Three ducks, one shirt

Viewer Ralph Saxe sent in this awesome photo of his wife sporting her ARIYNBF shirt. In addition to EverythingAboutIt, I also love the green screen!!

Why do I love the green screen you may be asking, because you are quizzical. Well I don’t know if this is the answer exactly, I will tell you, because I am tough to pin down, but it reminds me of going to Universal Studios as a child and watching how they made ET. Does anyone else remember that?

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