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I'm in Playboy

No, not like that! In the January 2008 issue they round up the Year in Sex and they blurbed my exchange with Ed Koch (here’s the story as it originally appeared in Time Out New York). Thanks to the reader who tipped me off. That sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Funny how everything can sound dirty when you view the world through flesh-colored glasses.

Also, I will post more photos soon. I have more Tobey photos and I have a bunch of me after various TV things which I took in case I wanted to try to remember how they did my makeup.

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How odd is it that just when I say I need my comments, they get stuck in some comment holding place? Some comment purgatory? Some comment queueueueue? I think it’s weird. And it makes me feel powerful. I just haven’t figured out how yet to harness that power. So I have a post banging around in my head about how people keep confusing me with Julia Allison (and her with me) and yet I can’t quite bring myself to write it for fear of exacerbating the situation or appearing to somehow want to glom on to her internet popularity. In fact, I think the whole phenomenon of her (and it’s likely just a local thing) is something warranting some kind of boring academic semiotics based discussion and yet I won’t do it, because I don’t want to be responsible for any attention about the attention (meta-attention? metattention? blech), good or bad. But I will say that at first it was just fan letters and the occasional question that had nothing to do with me (“You’re really good friends with Rachel Sklar, right?” to which I’d say “No, you’re thinking of Julia Allison.”) (I’ve also received questions about Halloween costumes I had no intention of wearing, compliments on my HD debut, questions about why I hadn’t been on Red Eye lately when I’d been on the night before, etc. I don’t know what she gets about me, but she told me she’s gotten mail meant for me. But then a Fox security guard told me he gets us confused because “you look just like each other” which takes this to a whole new level because I thought it was the name and the TONY association plus maybe the dark hair. So, that’s weird, because looking like her is very much not how I see myself, though I’m becoming more and more aware that I don’t see myself as I appear. Um, I lost my train of thought. Okay then!

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Today was a weird day

It just was. I filmed a pilot for a show about people obsessed with movies which is cool, except I’m obsessed with TV and so I kept making TV references when talking about movie actors. Some of my best, and by that I mean some of my worst were reminding everyone that George Clooney played George the handyman on Facts of Life and that Jason Bateman got his start on It’s Your Move. The mindf*ck of the whole thing was that they told me there would be hair and makeup but there was just makeup so I went into the bathroom and attempted to do my hair myself using techniques I’ve seen them use and I managed to come out with it looking exactly the same if it’s possible to both look exactly the same and yet somehow a little worse.

Then tonight I did Red Eye which is always fun except I feel like I may have wasted a lot of time leading up to a joke that sure sounded funnier in my head than out loud. And for the record, I don’t really have body parts in petrie dishes that I keep in my apartment and even if I did, they wouldn’t be the first thing I’d grab in a fire. At the end I did a little skit thing though, so that was fun. Or maybe it was more a “bit”? Now I have to go to sleep so I can wake up in a few hours.

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Today's 1 Thing from the TONYblog

Liz Pappademas is a good egg. (Get it? See what I did there?)

Not to brag or anything, but I just got off the phone with my new buddyroo, Josh Schwartz, and we were talking about music, and I decided to pay him the compliment of talking at length about myself and all my various feelings about things pertaining to me, and afterward I was reflecting while checking myself out in a mirror and thinking that, as I was explaining to ol’ J.S., music used to be such a big part of my life—I mean, I used to play in a band for crissakes—and it just isn’t anymore. (Although I do really like the new Rilo Kiley album but I forgot to tell him that.) And part of loving music was loving going to shows. (more…)

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As it turns out I won’t be doing Red Eye’s Halftime Report this Friday as Andy Levy isn’t going out of town after all, the bastard. Honestly though I was honored to be asked. As for your loss, which is considerable, here are some pictures to make up for it.

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I love my exterminator

Is this what Eva Braun felt? I’m sorry, that was a terrible joke and I should probably take it down but the heady rush of the exterminator having swept through my apartment has clouded my judgment. I love him! He even smells good, which is probably the smell of rodent poison or something to mask the rodent poison. Anyway, while I’m not entirely confident the problem is solved because I won’t believe it until I don’t see it, I feel substantially better than I did a couple hours ago. I kind of wanted to take a picture of him for the blog, but then something stopped me. Strangely it was the urge to eat through rotten wood, crap in the linen closet and then scurry, squeaking, through a hole one eighth my size while possibly carrying pestilence though I think that’s more folklore than anything. Strange.

And while we’re talking about this I have something unrelated to say. I think it’s funny when people pile on the host of that late night show I do for being so twisted. They’d probably be surprised to know a sweet looking girl in love with her exterminator spawns some of the more twisted material.

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Links and mice

I’ve been posting quite a bit on the TONYblog. Maybe you want to read my posts over there? I think you do! Here’s today’s 1 Thing. It mentions movies and my inspirational prowess and then here’s a 1 Thing from Wednesday which mentions Brooklyn and Michael Showalter. And then here’s a delightful little post where I busted my coworker for his breakfast trysts. But wait there’s also this one! And surely you love this conversation about mumblecore. And some stuff about Fringe. And a very important You Gonna Eat That with Drew Toal.

Also, unrelated except not to me because everything relates to this: I saw a mouse in my apartment last night. If you were anywhere near me a year ago you know how I named the mice last time around with the hopes that I could convince myself that Chad, Rob and Grover were cute uninvited cohabitants instead of horrible frightening vermin. It didn’t work. Then a professional exterminator “rodent proofed” our apartment which solved the problem and was the best couple hundred and seventy five I could have spent. Well now a year later those whiskered assholes have chewed their way back in apparently. Or one has. He was hanging out near the foot of my bed seemingly surveying a box of beads which was down there too since the mini-move has put the wrong things in the wrong places. I just hope there’s only one of him. Regardless the exterminator is coming out tomorrow morning. I’ll be sitting up all night holding a jar of peanut butter, a wedge of cheese and a giant box. Probably a couple magazines, some triscuits, a paddle-ball, a Chinese finger catcher, a Chinese jump rope, some fortune cookies, a Magic 8-ball, an actual eight-ball, two cans of hairspray and a squeegee too.

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