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TV this weekend

Greetings cherubs,

It will be impossible to turn on the television this weekend without seeing my loveliness especially if you are watching Red Eye tonight, Good Day New York tomorrow, Saturday Today in New York tomorrow or Good Day New York on Sunday. If you watch anything else there’s a good chance you’ll miss me, since I’m not on anything else. Okay then. WAIT, THIS JUST IN: I’m not sure Good Day New York is called that on the weekends but it’s on the local Fox channel (ch. 5) and it’s a half hour show about Global Warming and it’s on tomorrow at 6am and Sunday at 11:30am and my segment involves a worm bin. Truly!


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Red Eye photos UPDATE: link added

You’d be amazed what you can find when you spend a considerable amount of time scouring the internet for pictures of yourself. Wait, did I just say that? What I meant to say is that you wouldn’t believe how time flies when you’re teaching young children how to read. Also, here are some photos PLUS A LINK TO A CLIP:

And then an older one I found:

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I posted this on myspace but now I’m posting it here because I still can’t figure out how to manage these blogs and what I should be posting where and stuff. But anyway:

So Ethan and I do these Vlogs at work when the EIC is unable to do them. I don’t always post them because they’re kind of hard to find but if you go to this link you can see the most recent oneand then if you go to you can scroll through and find others. Also, some time ago I hosted an bookcase buildoff at an Ikea in Paramus New Jersey for a story we were doing and if you go to TONY EXCLUSIVES and then Ikea bookcase buildoff it’s there. And there’s some other stuff too, single in the city, service in the city and some interviews from the Black Snake Moan premiere.

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