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Warning: cheese ahead

The following is going to be a big ol’ hunk of cheese however my friend Yami, the one whose wedding I just attended, put this quote on her myspace page which has been fucking with my head all day. (and yes, the previous sentence is sad for a number of reasons but there’s no time now to dwell.) Here’s the quote:

“love is life. and if you miss love, you miss life. – Buscaglia

Do I agree with this? I remember thinking Buscaglia was vaguely douchey when I first encountered him in high school psych, but the sentiment is kind of chilling. I mean, not to you who are all happily connected to fellow human beings but to someone who spent the last year or so avoiding messy human relationships, it’s got me in a twist.

I could say more, but if I don’t blow dry my hair right now catastrophe is going to happen on my head. To be continued. Maybe.

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