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Anna and I discuss that evil 25 random Facebook things

Curious what the 25 Random Things we’re talking about is? Here’s is mine:

1. I don’t like to wake up on a zero or a five so I set my alarm for weird numbers. I justify this as quirky not neurotic because if I HAD to get up on a zero or five I totally could, so long as I spun around three times to the left while yelling “quark.”

2. Ok, so the spinning around and yelling quark part is made up, but the rest is true. Also, I consider myself a terrible liar. Truly.

3. When I was six I wanted to be a therapist.

4. I hate going to Kinko’s.

5. Facts of Life is my favorite show. I pride myself on having seen every episode. I enjoy Facts of Life trivia. I realize you’re very attracted to me right now.

6. I’m actually pretty shy deep down and can be easily intimidated in social situations. With a camera in my face and a microphone in my hand though, I’m a real extroverted asshole.

7. Does the above sound cliche? I’d rather not be cliche. Also, I’d rather not be invisible so if you recognize me I encourage you to make a big scene. Carry streamers just in case.

8. I went to Pomona College and majored in English. I miss those years. All five of them. (Not really!)

9. I have a younger sister and two older half brothers.

10. After college I played guitar a punk band.

11. I overthink everything. In fact, my California friends dubbed the process of overthinking “Rosenating.” Anyone can Rosenate though. I invite you to join in.

12. I have a magic 8 ball on my desk and like to ask it all sorts of questions however I won’t ask it anything morbid because I’m sort of superstitious even though deep down I don’t believe in any of that.

13. Unrelated, I was raised Quaker.

14. I value humor and self-awareness.

15. I hate the smell of white vinegar.

16. I love the smell of laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

17. I have naturally curly hair which is naturally black. I straighten it but I don’t dye it. I used to lighten it. I’m not goth.

18. I moved to New York without a job, shortly after 9/11. Most people thought what I was doing was nuts. I was afraid if I didn’t do it I’d blink and be old and still living in Orange County, CA, always wondering what would have happened if I’d had the balls to go to NYC.

19. That said, I miss CA and all my friends who are there and whenever I go back I feel kinda nostalgic for everything I left.

20. I very seldom worry about being both “funny” and “a woman” although maybe I should? I guess deep down I believe that everything will work out. Unless it totally doesn’t.

21. I’m not a shitty drummer. I’m kind of a shitty guitar player.

22. There are certain things which make me laugh and which will always make me laugh but which make no one else laugh. My jokes are not one of them though (they’re universally regarded as brilliant and hilarious.)

23. In order of cuteness: babies then puppies then ducklings

24. Perhaps it would behoove me to care more about not making a fool of myself.

25. I don’t enjoy karaoke or scrabble nearly as much as people assume I would.

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