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My Best Bets segment from this morning

I’m wearing the same makeup in this segment (toned down a little and cleaned up) that I was on Red Eye last night because I was too tired to take it off only to be putting it all back on in the span of a few hours. But whenever I do this I end up sleeping like a little mummy because I’m trying not to move so the extra sleep I think I’m going to get by leaving the makeup on is canceled out by the fact that I don’t sleep well in it. My hair was delightfully styled here by the woman who regularly does Regis and Kelly’s hair but was filling in at NBC because Regis and Kelly is on hiatus. I was far too excited by my hair’s brush with greatness! (oh no I did not!!!!!!)(that was an unintended pun! even when I’m on/off I’m on/off!)

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Tomorrow morning's Best Bets segment

These are the events I’ll be talking about on my usual Saturday morning segment tomorrow morning at the very prudential time of 6:45am on channel 4 here in New York. Is prudential the right word? Let’s find out… well, not quite. But kinda. But anyway:

The Indie and Small Press Book Fair: Stick it to the man and his corporate books at this two day affair, why don’t you? Tama Janowitz, Ian Mackaye and others will be on hand. It’s at the New York Center for Independent Publishing on 44th between 5th and 6th. Free with a suggested one dollar donation! Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter: performing stand-up at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza which I still call Irving Plaza. I think both of them are hilarious. It’s Saturday night at 8pm. Tickets are $25.

The Salzberg Marionette Theater performs The Sound of Music: Jersey dwellers don’t just have a turnpike, they have this show, at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Here’s what I want to know, and there is a good chance I’m going to pose this very question on TV tomorrow so sorry for the redundancy if you happen to read this and then see the segment tomorrow, but you know that scene in the Sound of Music where they put on a marionette show? Will marionettes be putting on a marionette show? It’s Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30 and Sunday at 2:30 Tickets are $44 to $49 [note: it’s not just limited to the weekend but my segment tomorrow is, hence my just mentioning the weekend times]

Blip Festival: Fans of chiptunes, or music made from old electronics especially video games and the like, should head to the Eyebeam Gallery (21st between 10th and 11th) this weekend for this nerdathon. If my sister were listening to me right now she’d get on my case for using nerd here which she thinks is insulting and she says I’m not allowed to say nerd that way. I think I have nerd clearance. $5-$35 I think.

MOTH storytelling: Grand Slam: Competing storytellers will gather at Comix (14th and 8th) to see who can spin a better yarn about Growing Pains. The theme, not the show, alas. Sunday at 6pm. $15-$150.

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So I promised…

to blog about every TV appearance but clearly that isn’t going to be happening. I will say that despite doing the Saturday show for about two and a half years now, just pre-taping a couple weeks left me out of practice getting up at the crack of dawn and this morning’s frequent checking of all the alarms was extra nerve-wracked. But there’s something nice about arriving at 30 Rock when no one is there, and were I given the choice to do the segment at a later hour of course I’d take it but I think I’d kind of miss the way the building feels before it comes to life.

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