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30 Seconds On…

Ok I really don’t know what happened in this video except around the second topic I turned into a spastic nerd. And when Dustin called it my “second arm” and then I decided to really let him have it and show him who’s boss by pointing out that it’s really called my “other arm”? Woohoo, totally won that point! And that really cool sound effect I made twice! Def keeping that in the arsenal!

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Look, it's another 30 Seconds On…

After staying up half the night trying in vain to import* a video and failing because I don’t have enough room on my hard drive I decided to go nuts and buy a 1TB external hard drive. This means I can store everything in the whole world on it, or so I’ve been led to believe. I’m going to start by loading puppies onto it. In other news, here is this video. I decided to leave the extraneous chatter at the beginning in here even though I suspect Dustin will think I should have edited it out because the way I see it, without it, the whole thing would just be too slick and professional seeming. We’re kind of always at constant risk of that.

*from China. Weekend at Bernie’s Three.

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