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Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend necklace art

Look at this cool graphic designed by none other than superfan Randi Lawson. I hope she’s okay with me describing her as a superfan! She’s really more like an awesome fan who’s very talented. And also a superfan. And a superBFFFFFF!

And while we’re on the subject of stuff, how about you go subscribe to my podcast and leave a comment on iTunes? Oh, you already did? Okay nevermind.

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a completely unimportant thought that is stuck in my head

Sometimes I get songs stuck in my head and sometimes I get words stuck in my head and sometimes I get thoughts stuck in there and here’s one that’s been taking up space periodically over the last few months:

How does one describe the difference between black cherry and cherry?

This isn’t a koan. I’m pretty sure someone could describe the difference, since I can definitely taste the difference and there’s a very real difference. But it’s tough to put it into words. I suppose black cherry is more mellow and cherry is more tangy/tart?

In other news I can’t stand having to wait until Monday to put up another episode of my podcast! I’m so excited that you guys like it!

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This threatened to make me cry

So pretty much everything cute involving animals almost makes me cry or actually makes me cry. I would attribute it to hormones except I only started taking them a couple days ago (to control endometriosis… might I tell you more about my lady plumbing?) and this crying-over-adorable-animals bullshit has been going on for ages. But back to the singing donkey, or as my dad, Dr. Bruce and Bill Maher say, “dunkey” (I think it’s an East Coast thing).


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Happy Birthday, Woofie

Woofie was the dog I grew up with. People always thought we were saying Wolfie which is kind of tough and cool–and Van Halen-ish–instead of Woofie, which is neither. But he was a good dog and I was fairly devastated when he died many years ago and for some reason I always remember his birthday, which would have been today.

Here are some old posts about him, in case you need to look at photos and read some words, which you do.

In other news, my brand new podcast is launching on February 13th! Cancel all your plans!

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Kevin and Adam had it out

So Kevin Smith came on the podcast tonight and he and Adam discussed their conflict and even though there may have been some yelling–or if not yelling, some talking in enthusiastic tones–I don’t think I suffered PTSD. I could say more but I need to change clothes and watch The Bachelor.

Here’s a Keek. I’m embedding a keek. Doesn’t that sound scatological? Pardon my keek. KEEEEEEEEK. Side note: What the fuck is a keek?

@alisonrosen and @thatkevinsmith after an intense show. Download it tomorrow.

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