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“The flow of the conversation is so natural it’s impossible not to come to a grand conclusion or two about your own life while you’re listening…”A/V Club, Podmass’ 2015 Superlatives

“Rosen isn’t afraid to press her subjects about some of the more difficult, intimate moments of their lives, but she does it with such delicacy and sensitivity that questions that could hinge on exploitative in the hands of someone else only feel like the result of Rosen’s genuine interest in other people.”A/V Club

“A woman pulling this off is rare in the comedy-podcast boys’ club dominated by the likes of Marc Maron, Joe Rogan and Chris Hardwick. But it’s not surprising when you consider Rosen was battle-tested by Orange County’s punk-rock scene.”OC Weekly

“Dick Cavett is fond of quoting Jack Paar’s comment about how the ideal talk-show appearance should be a genuine conversation rather than a scripted and controlled Q&A. Cavett embodied that advice on his television talk show, and the cream of the current crop of podcasters share Paar and Cavett’s commitment to advancing the lost art of conversation. Among them is Alison Rosen.”A/V Club

“‘Friend’ isn’t Rosen’s first foray into new media. But it comes on the heels of her work on Carolla’s podcast, a venue where she displays a quicksilver wit that rivals her tag-team partner’s way with a rant.”Big Hollywood

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