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Wendy’s Fave Movie, David’s Deer Blinds, Alison’s Dipping Dots


Alison, Daniel and Wendy enjoyed an escape room over the weekend and now Alison is obsessed. Wendy saw a certain disturbing movie more than once. Also, she’s less passionate about church architecture than her husband claims. David knows about deer blinds and gets schooled about Nevada Day. Alison had some disappointing dots. Also guns, screen time, back photography, haterz, Cameron Diaz, Smurfs revisited and more. Plus iTunes Comment of the Week, Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Chug.

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  • Josh.R

    I love Thursday shows, until a political topic comes up…

  • thelaker

    Yeah, I guess I’m a “fu***ng” maniac by their philosophy.

  • Richard Long

    Daniel saying having a gun eventually comes to “I have this awesome gun I’m tired of shooting cans and paper targets I need to kill people with this thing!” was so bad
    (dumb) I thought he was being sarcastic . still good show

  • Bela Oxmyx

    As a listener from the beginning, I find myself rather annoyed with the ranty, emotional injection of this particular political subject about which diametrically strong feelings are held by many. No viewpoint was presented on the other side; regardless – political diatribes are not why I listen to this podcast. I’ll finish out the month at least, but my attitude has been made quite sour: you can do better.

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