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There’s No Stopping Me

You guys I’ve installed the WordPress App on my phone so now I can blog from anywhere. For example right now I’m sitting in the living room watching Elliot play on the floor AND I’M ALSO BLOGGING!

  • Daniil Brif

    My daughter has the same exact play-mat. There are a million toys for kids, but it seems like there are 5 that every kid has. Every baby seems to have a Sophie Giraffe too. Anyway, for our daughter’s first birthday, we asked people to give her books as gifts instead of toys and clothes. First of all, almost no one listened, so we have clothes and toys that will probably never see the light of day. Secondly, of the people that got us books, 3 got us Goodnight Moon, which we already had two copies of that we got as gifts when she was a baby. Also, it’s not a good book and it’s not fun to read as a parent and my kid prefers every other book she has to it. So we’ve been regifting the extra copies of Goodnight Moon, which feels shitty, since I know it sucks.

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