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I’m Simply Crushing It

My God you guys. It’s less than 24 hours after I initially announced my intention to start blogging again (technically slightly more than 24 hours) and I’ve already blogged thrice if you count this one which you should. It’s amazing I’m getting anything else done given my hectic blog schedule and yet here I sit having just taken a shower. You guys I’m showering and blogging. Also other stuff. Anyway this particular entry is merely a teaser of what’s to come because I have A LOT OF THOUGHTS about baby spoons and I am going to share with you said thoughts tomorrow. At least that’s my plan. Anything could happen though so who knows if Doreen will comply with Alison’s plans.

Actually initially I was going to write the baby spoonologues TONITE but then I looked at the time and once a gal gets gabbin about spoons who knows where the time goes and one minute you’re bitching (there will be bitching) about a particular bestseller and the next, 30 years have passed and you really need to pee. I think you see my conundrum.

Also while I’m being on the level as opposed to above or below it, I guess, I’ve had a stomach ache ever since I started taking Lexapro. It feels like constant mild menstrual cramps. Is that a thing? I realize I won’t be getting any answers since for now these blogs are hidden in plain sight on my website under the blog tab which no one clicks on anymore since it’s been SO LONG but once people discover these I can’t wait to hear your responses. It’s also possible I’m using my abs to give Elliot a bath which involves bending over in a sort of awkward way. So maybe that’s what’s going on? I don’t think it’s that though. Ok bye.


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