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You guys I’m writing ANOTHER blog post. Can you even? I can barely.

Elliot is napping right now and I gave him Bambas peanut cheeto things earlier because that’s what everyone’s doing now in the hopes of preventing peanut allergies or something so I’m going to need to get up and creep into his room and make sure he’s still breathing. Hold please.

Very much still alive which is quite a relief. First I looked at the monitor which showed him clearly breathing but I had to see with my own eyes. And now because there are workmen painting the outside of this building which means scraping and crashing about, Wendy is barking so I suspect Elliot will be up in no time.

How do I feel about this situation? Not great.

How does Doreen feel about it? She’s ecstatic which causes me to question her very fitness for this job of being a fictional mommy blogger.

Now the workers are scraping on the northeast part of the house and Wendy’s in the southwest corner barking it up. Specifically, New Mexico. Also I’m sitting at my desk and our office is adjacent to a bathroom and the door is open and I can see one of their faces in the window and I so badly want to close the blinds but I think that would be rude. I hope the man with the face is enjoying his up close and personal view of my nail polishes, all of which are various shades of dark red or white/pale pink. (He’s at the nail polish window.)

Now he’s risen above the opening of the blinds and I can just see his white paint splattered shirt which is kind of cliche if you ask me.

Also I just sneezed and he didn’t even say bless you. I am tempted to take a picture of him.

Outside My Window Right Now

See what I’m saying about the shirt?

Anyway, I’d love to sit here live blogging the window but I must go.


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