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Alison’s Most Embarrassing Story, Annie’s Leave Behinds, David’s Found Onions


Special guest Annie Lederman joins us and she didn’t leave anything behind FOR ONCE. Daniel and Alison had to take Elliot to the emergency room. David Huntsberger is finally back with a crazy story about hair discrimination and a sweet memory involving onions. Plus iTunes comment of the week good and bad, an update from Jenna and Al, Alison’s most embarrassing story, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Annie Oakley.


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  • ChesterDouglas

    Don’t worry too much about your (understandable) crush on Mike Mitchell. You do know that the Spoonman’s alternate nickname is the Poonman, right?

  • ChesterDouglas

    It’s perfectly understandable how you might fall in love with the Spoonman (Mike Mitchell). After all, his alternate nickname is the Poonman.

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