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Alison’s Funway, Daniel’s TV Ghost, Sassy Dog Shirts

Alison can’t remember what Chuck E. Cheese type places are called. Arcades? That doesn’t sound right. Daniel’s edgy again. Special guest Jason Horton is also edgy but in a different way. Plus he once auditioned for the Sham Wow guy. Renee’s collecting looks for her zed card. Plus the pedi ped pod, an update from Jenna and #AL, the merits and trendiness of sleep training, how to get verified on Instagram, a round of #SnackChat involving Super Dickmann’s from Germany, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Belle.

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  • Rhian

    The snack chat item is also sold at Ikea and are awesome if you pop them in the freezer for 2 minutes!

  • Rhian

    For snack chat, they sell the same marshmallow treats at Ikea though not the same brand. Try popping them in the freeze for 2 minutes, they are great and a little less gooey that way. Enjoy!

  • AndrewviaMR

    Sigh…there are no “white power” videos….I’m not disappointed, btw, I’m exasperated. I know, someone could go find one, but we are talking statistics here, folks. Basically all the channels I watch have been demonetized, and if there were white power videos I would have stumbled on one by accident by now. Here is what I think is really happening (to give them the benefit of the doubt): Youtube would rather bandwidth (new verb) 1 creator than 100 creators. So, youtube wants to move to something like a cable company network with a few thousand channels instead of millions of channels. It is really exasperating to drop gold like that on people and then their eyes glaze over and they say “but what about the white power?”

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