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Alison’s Appletinis, Demi’s Anxiety, Explaining Law & Order: SVU

You know when you worry you’ve offended someone but you probably haven’t and then you overcompensate which only makes you seem intense and weird? We discuss and recount and relive on this episode. Recent Monday guest Demi Adejuyigbe is here and by the time you listen he will have had his first therapy appointment. We find out more about Renee’s crazy backstory and talk about golf, Law & Order: SVU, dentists, being social, making yourself throw up, Appletinis, eating disorders and body image and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone, got an update from Jenna and #AL and and talked about an adoptable dog named Bryn.

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  • Richard Long

    fantastic ep !everything ,the scary movie talk the eating disorder the words coming out of Daniels mouth the Jenna and #AL update , just great !

  • AndrewviaMR

    For YEARS Rush never comes up, and FINALLY, just to be shit on! I’m a Rush fan, so I’m actually really happy. You can’t hurt our feelings, we don’t have any.
    Se7en is just crushingly depressing. Iirc, David Fincher said that was his goal. He nailed it. I like it for artistic interest, but I have no idea why anyone else watches these movies. Once you watch Fincher’s take, why watch any others? I recently watched The Game and I was jarred. I thought, “wait, what, this is like an actual, decent movie.” It was kind of disappointing.

    I know this is like the worst day ever to ask this, but why are most of the dogs for adoption pit bull(ish) breeds? I feel like I’m missing something and might be asking something that is faux pas, but I’ve always wondered.

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