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The Umbrage, Scary Sounds, Alison’s New Schedule

Alison’s not a morning person but she’s determined to become one. #AL is very literal and once peed in the garage. David Huntsberger is helping to measure outrage. Also why have we all signed off on certain sounds being scary or ominous and where’s the petty bullshit department when you need them? Plus Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Eddie, 


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  • AndrewviaMR

    Have you tried any anxiety meds or Adderall yet? Please tell me how to express in whatever language you need to understand how well the anxiety meds worked for me. When I don’t take the anxiety meds I wake up at 2 a.m. literally plus or minus 5 minutes. When I take them, full night sleep. YMMV, but magic bullets are real.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Here is another head’s up. Parents have to deal with all manner of jerks that you’d be able to avoid if you didn’t have the kid. I’ve gotten into many multiples more conflicts dealing with people I’d never have to deal with sans kid. It takes a village, and it turns out a lot of the villagers are assholes.

  • 1whoknocks

    I mildly enjoy the Barenaked Ladies music. I do, however, appreciate their comedic roots. I am partial to If I Had a Million Dollars, and the line “but not a real green dress, that’s cruel” makes me chuckle every time.
    As someone who gets up for work at 2:15am five days a week, I would never stand on the um-bridge; and I question those who do. Alison could just as easily tsk-tsk me for going to bed around 8:30pm. Our schedules are a facet of our adult working lives, and being productive earlier in the day is no badge of honor.
    All that said, I like being home by noon most days, and love my job in general.

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