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Andy Kindler Returns!

Andy Kindler is back to talk about dropping acid, being judgmental, therapy and anti-depressants, OCD, “checking,” why he goes after certain public targets, new atheists, the recent release of his very first State of the Industry address, silverfish and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.
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  • Leeann Ward

    I really enjoyed this episode! * Hilarious when Andy started off singing the
    theme song! * Alison to Andy regarding
    Gervais, “And he hasn’t thanked you?” Ha! * Jeff’s working so hard during the shows! I
    shouldn’t have been surprised that he takes notes during the show, but I still
    was. * As insufferable as she is, Dr.
    Laura is still around. * As somebody who
    works with many children with cognitive impairments, I really appreciate that
    he understands that using the r-word as
    an insult is not okay! * He seems to
    know a little about Alison’s background and remembers things from his last
    interview with her, which I like. * Yes,
    I think the JMOE about listening to pre-election pods was referring to the
    empending doom that we didn’t think was coming at the time. * Alison: “I’ve never been on an
    anti-depressant, but it’s certainly been recommended by people who love me and
    live with me.” Ha! * Alison to Andy
    when he said good callback when she referred to the audience being silver fish:
    “Oh. Thank you. That wasn’t a callback. That’s OCD.” Ha!

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