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Doug Benson Returns!

Doug Benson is back to talk about his new show The High Court, why Judge Wapner might have preferred him to Judge Judy, his process for deciding cases, the pitch for the show, the TSA, dog ownership, nicknames for fans, how to tell if someone’s telling the truth, his childhood, being a young journalist, his teenage magic act, avoiding relationships, guests who get kicked off Doug Loves Movies, impossible guests who don’t get kicked off and so much more. We also took your questions and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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  • ChesterDouglas

    I am not much of a fan of Doug Benson, and this did little to dissuade me from that point of view.

    But, to each their own!

  • Glenn Farnham

    Nice dude. Also I like how you didn’t seem to confine yourselves to time constraints on this show, making it a full 2 hour experience. I remember seeing Doug outside Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville a couple years ago. He had just finished doing an episode of Doug Loves Movies podcast there I think. Well anyhow a good group of his 20 something giddy fans were there waiting on the sidewalk outside and I remember Doug seemed very laid-back, friendly and accommodating when interacting with them. If that’s what weed does for ya, let’s plz all start smoking weed!

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