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Alison’s Cavalry, Al’s Pillow Habits, John Henson’s Hotel Sex

Alison’s feeling guilty and conflicted about appreciating time away from the baby. John Henson’s having hotel sex. Jenna and #AL are loving Atlanta. Jeff’s fixing tractor tires, handling guns and eating peanut chews in Bucks County, PA. Plus cavalries, pillow menus, marital scorekeeping, first dates, grits, red moons, iTunes Comment of the Week, Just Me Or Everyone, #SnackChat with aforementioned peanut treats and an adoptable dog named Lundi.


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  • Richard Long

    q monster was on FIRE today , many rewind moments 🙂

  • 1whoknocks

    I laughed at “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” It’s been 10+ years since I heard that unremarkable retort.

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