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Alison’s Cavalry, Al’s Pillow Habits, John Henson’s Hotel Sex

Alison’s feeling guilty and conflicted about appreciating time away from the baby. John Henson’s having hotel sex. Jenna and #AL are loving Atlanta. Jeff’s fixing tractor tires, handling guns and eating peanut chews in Bucks County, PA. Plus cavalries, pillow menus, marital scorekeeping, first dates, grits, red moons, iTunes Comment of the Week, Just Me Or Everyone, #SnackChat with aforementioned peanut treats and an adoptable dog named Lundi.


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  • Richard Long

    q monster was on FIRE today , many rewind moments 🙂

  • 1whoknocks

    I laughed at “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” It’s been 10+ years since I heard that unremarkable retort.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Parenthood is going “to pack a wallop!” for you. You have to become a satisficer and let the optimizer/perfectionist go! I’m trying to say the same thing Jenna says, but just much more aggressively and obnoxiously.

    Just think about it rationally. It is like you added a mini-you, but you have to do all the mini-you’s bodily functions with none of the pleasures. You have to deal with double the feeding, but none of the flavor, double the pooping, but none of the…anyway, I hope that makes some sense. You just made a whole ‘nother person! Holy shit! But that new person does dick all for themselves, but is ironically very opinionated and has extreme preferences. And yet they were so content in the womb. How awesome the womb must be, and how disappointing the world! Oh, and when they get older, they just want even dumber shit. And you give in. You fight them to get them to take a bath, then you have to fight them to get them to leave the tub, and in between, more fighting. Just survive!

    I’ve found this line of reasoning completely backfires with my wife. The more I say that expectations have to moderated, the more she says “but we deserve the fullest life.” Logic sucks at making people feel better. So, best of luck.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Btw, I don’t think I’ll ever fly again because of the TSA.

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