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Alison’s C&B Meltdown, Daniel’s D&D Past, Jenna’s Big News


Alison’s ears have a great personality. Also Alison had a meltdown at Crate and Barrel. Daniel’s past includes D&D and harmonizing. Jenna and #AL have exciting news. Special guest Sean Jordan isn’t pregnant. Plus Ferdinand the Bull, Coldblood horses, whistling and an adoptable dog named Penny.

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  • Timothy K Get the popcorn started!

  • Tiny Rick

    Even more geeking out, there were actually two “Community” D&D episodes, in season two and in season five, both directed by Joe Russo.

  • 1whoknocks

    I appreciate the honesty from my Thursday friends so much. Alison with her phone dropping incident, and Daniel with his D&D background. I played in elementary school, but shamefully kept it from fellow classmates. As much as I’d love to roll up a half elf ranger with Daniel these days, I can’t imagine playing as an adult. Don’t have the kind of time required.
    Very funny episode, overall. Jenna’s patreon episodes are the best. It takes a few minutes to get used to her cursing like a drunken sailor, but I enjoy getting to know them both so much more.

  • 33tango

    Was this the first mention of their packages getting stolen? Haven’t heard that story.

  • Cara-Ann Simas

    More D&D!!!
    Daniel should check out the show Critical Roll on

  • Anonnymous123

    Congrats to Jenna and Al! But thank goodness #2 didn’t happen until after Alison had hers…otherwise….now that would be just awkward!

    Anyway, a bit confused about why all the anger at Crate and Barrel. 90 days is a pretty decent return policy as it is, and they did more than they needed to by taking it back for a gift card after the 90 days. Both you guys didn’t need to go in and have to take the baby to return it. Just one of you could have gone within that 90 days, couldn’t you?

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