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Greg’s Salami, Alison’s Bewbs and a Scary Story About a Shotgun

Greg has an assistant but doesn’t want you to make a big deal about it. Alison’s trying to breast feed but it isn’t going well. Daniel put himself in harm’s way to protect a room full of women and babies. Alison is confused about the length of a shotgun. A certain TV show broke Jenna’s soul. Plus a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Roxie.

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Here’s Roxie:


  • AndrewviaMR

    Observation: you guys seem incredibly sensitive to judgment. You guys need a dash of some Red State “Oh yeah, well you can suck my nuts.”

    Don’t worry about the breast-feeding. I know that isn’t going to feel helpful, but later you’ll realize it is. If you can get any into him, that’s fantastic. If not, it’s fine. Everybody used to be on formula, and the formula probably sucked back then. It’s not worth the worry. Basically, you need to not worry about anything. Our bodies evolved to survive on basically nothing. It’s fine. My second kid eats only yogurt, chocolate (cow) milk, and mashed potatoes and she’s built like a brick shithouse. Have a second kid and you will instantly understand what I’m saying. The La Leche schtick is to get people who don’t overcare to at least try, it’s not meant to make you neurotic.

    Yes, police call their club a baton, to make it sound nice. Because “fuck your shit up stick” sounds a tad aggressive and offputting.

  • LizziRose

    Great ep! Is there a link to the Fruit Song? I want to sing it with my niece! Thanks, gang!

  • M.Y.

    AHHHHH, I missed Greg SOO much!! What a delight to have him back!!

  • Tiny Rick

    Thank you for stopping by Greg, great to have the old gang back!

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