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Elliot’s Birth Story, Meatball Sandwiches and Jenna’s Comedy Special


Alison had a baby! Labor was long and dramatic and somewhat upsetting and then Elliot had to spend a few days in the NICU. This is that story. Plus catheters, balloons, unfavorable cervixes, epidurals, meconium, nurses, anesthesiologists who look like Larry Miller, butt stuff, meatball sandwiches and Jenna’s new comedy special.

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  • NewBF

    SPOILERS: I clapped and woo-hooed out loud when I got to work this morning and realized it was Thursday and I was going to get to hear Alison and Daniel’s “tale as old as time”. I’m just starting and have to just comment along the way. Congrats first, to you guys and to Jenna for her special! Jenna you are on fire, and I am positive you will be the best known Mormon comic of all time. TrappDog, great song! Genitalia size discussion is so hysterical and so ALison, OMG! This whole dilating thing sounds motherf-ing horrible. The whole pain control thing sounds more than horrible I can’t believe how bad this was. The whole nurse’s thing sounds soooo bad (both you and Jenna), great that you didn’t tear or poop Alison, sorry you did Jenna. He looks like such a perfect baby. He definitely looks like an Elliot, and as I said in insta or something, Elliot was my stepdad’s name and he was one of the most ethical, unique, intelligent, creative (and frustrating) people I’ve ever known. I would have named my kid Elliot if I didn’t have to go with my late father’s name as part of my son’s name instead. Thank you for honoring your son with this name. Whoa 7 minutes holy s. I am so glad you weren’t aware of this A, Daniel I feel so horrible for you. CPR oh my god you must have been so terrified. I can’t believe you didn’t fate. Worst nightmare for sure. Alison I think you were in shock, your brain was protecting you from the reality of the situation and don’t blame yourself. And of course they were trying to protect you from seeing the situation. Daniel great info and points about the symbiosis of the birth and after process…And totally agree about the twin discussion. And I fully agree that Daniel is integral to this process, it’s all about how you choose to do it. You two are being very sweet with eachother and you should for sure listen to this episode when you’re tired of being parents, it will revive your commitment instantly.

  • M.Y.

    I so appreciated Alison and Daniel’s honest and raw description of Elliot’s birth! So often you hear about the unicorns and rainbows version of child birth, when many of my friends have stories like Alison and Daniel’s! I’m so happy Elliot is ok, and thank you for sharing!

  • AndrewviaMR


  • Chris

    Jenna looks so adorable in her pose in this pic..and Alison looks like an angel..the baby is so cute too.

  • Tiny Rick

    Congrats again to Alison and Daniel, and speaking of names there is a show that comes on my local NPR station on Sunday morning and one of the associate producers is named Allison Quantz, always reminds me of this podcast.

  • Mr. Jen


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