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Skunkmania, The Return of HGFY and Bear Horns


Alison’s baby isn’t budging, Jenna and Al have a skunk situation, special guest Sean Jordan agrees with Jenna’s sauce-to-taco ratio and Daniel is singing a Sting song that too many people don’t seem to recognize. Also Sean witnessed his mother give birth, Daniel’s over breasts, Alison got into it with someone on Facebook and also Twitter and everyone has thoughts on the circus closing, Apple’s potential iPhone “theater mode” function and Taco Bell’s taco shell made entirely of fried chicken. Plus a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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  • Mr. Jen

    Um… Still waiting to be “Pumped Up!”

  • Tiny Rick

    When I was a kid, my grandfather would like when he had skunks at his place in the country because skunks would go into hornets nests that were in his lawn and eat the hornets so he wouldn’t run over the nest with the mower.

  • NewBF

    I really feel like Sean is a great addition to the Thursday show. I would be very comfortable with him as a (sigh) Greg replacement. And we are still completely obsessed with our cat (what up, Chef Jeff?!) even though we have a four year old, they become more and more fun and lovely to watch together every day. Kids learn and gain a ton from having a pet.

  • NewBF

    Talk about a bio-chain!

  • Anonnymous123

    Maybe that guy who felt he wasn’t spending enough time and money on his animals once his baby got there just had too many animals! One animal and one baby in a house doesn’t seem unreasonable. An animal doesn’t need to have constant attention, and neither does a child. It’s good for both an animal AND a child to not be the 100% focus of the parents. The animal learns to adapt, and the child learns a little independence. The guy should not feel guilty about not being able to spend thousands of dollars on keeping a dying animal alive either. Animals have a short lifespan. They weren’t made to be kept alive when they get old and it’s cruel to do so. He shouldn’t be trying to assuage his guilt by telling other people they shouldn’t keep a pet just because their lives will no longer revolve around that pet. Jeez. Why doesn’t he go worry about dogs living miserable lives in shelters instead of a dog who at least has owners!

  • Guest

    Dog guy is a creep. You’ll still love Wendy just as much. A lap dog could be a wonderful companion at night when you’re up with the baby.

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