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Jeannette Rizzi



Comedian, writer and documentarian Jeannette Rizzi stops by the show to talk about the inspiration behind Blindsided, the one-woman-show she’s performing for one night only Oct 20 at the Hollywood Improv. The show involves the suicides of two of Jeannette’s classmates when she was a teen (one of whom was her best friend) and Jeannette’s subsequent struggles with feeling suicidal herself—but she promises it’s funny. We also talk about growing up the daughter of a former monk and former nun in a tiny Florida town, the voices she gives her dogs and her special relationship with them, being shut down, romance, devoting her life to making suicide something people talk about (and the reasons people often don’t want to get near the topic) and so much more. All proceeds from Blindsided go to Didi Hirsch Mental Services. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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  • M.Y.

    Beautiful interview, Alison. I lost a family member to suicide a couple of months ago, so this was a very vulnerable topic. Thank you to Jeannette for bringing awareness to suicide prevention.

  • S.A.

    Thank you both Alison and Jeannette for making Mental Health not only a relate-able subject but a talk-able topic as well. As a person with depression and anxiety disorder, it often feels like you can’t connect with people or that their perception of you will change if they knew you weren’t okay. The conversation was so open and free. I appreciate the way the show allows listeners to feel apart of something and not so alone. Great interview!!

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