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Crystals, Croissants and Special Guest Jensen Karp



Jensen Karp stops by for a discussion of UFC fights and how much money we would need to let someone pummel us, money and materialism in general, Alison making the mistake of not asking a million questions at a restaurant, how to pronounce croissant, crystals and sage, superstitions, Jensen’s new podcast with his mom “the fancy witch” and creepy older dudes. We also hear another excerpt from Jenna’s journal and offer advice to young listener trying to get over a confusing, tumultuous relationship. Plus Snack Chat, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Buddy.

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  • AndrewviaMR

    He’s friend with CM Punk? Don’t bury the lede.

    You should ask Joe Rogan about UFC. It’s likely way more subtle and less brutal than you think. BJJ is basically designed to practice at full speed (meaning the same as a fight would be, within reason) and not injure eachother. Striking is basically intended to hit “the button” and trigger the knockout reflex which AFAICT isn’t even necessarily concussive (but can be obviously).

    And then it gets brutal like when Conor McGregor basically tired himself out punching Nate Diaz in the face because it seems like the Diaz brothers don’t have a knockout reflex, and then Diaz put the winded Notorious into a nice and peaceful naptime, which McG likely allowed to happen because a knockout results in a suspension to allow for recovery but if you are choked unconscious you can fight again immediately. So, Diaz’ strategy was to let McG tire himself out by hitting McG in the fist with his face, then when that strategy worked McG decided to be choked until losing consciousness as the funnest way to lose a fight. Are you getting the idea of the type of guys we are dealing with here? You can’t project your idea of brutality on them.

    It is essentially the most “brutal” when the fighters aren’t very skilled (and shit happens like Travis Browne catching a punch and breaking his finger, which is pretty brutal, but these guys are brutal guys). The ground and pound is usually observed when fighters have a wrestling background and have the ability to put the opponent in a submissive position but don’t have the other skills to force the opponent to submit without beating them to a pulp and forcing the ref to stop the fight. That’s why NCAA wrestling calls pins the end of the fight and scores points based on dominant positions. So, it’s kind of ironic how NCAA wrestling having rules to limit brutality end up creating a lot of the brutality in the UFC.

    But if you watch the end of McGregor v Diaz 1 you see Diaz hit McGregor on the ground, but he’s basically just tapping him to force him to expose his back for the choke. People who don’t understand what’s happening aren’t going to realize that kind of thing.

  • AndrewviaMR

    J’Nee v Jensen’s mom cage fight.

  • NewBF

    Totes agree with thehashtagAl about Roman gladiator era. Football too, no?

  • Tim Pierce

    Sam’s face in that picture!!!

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